Beamer Smoke Killer Collection Odour Destroying Candle 4oz - Old Fashioned French Vanilla

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For many of my customers odour control is paramount to their enjoyment of their favourite herbal material and they have tried a myriad of “interesting ways” to mask any odours. I feel their pain and have searched high and low for products to help combat this issue and sell a wide range of goods including the SmokeBuddy, Incenses and a variety of candles.


Beamer produces candles that fall into 2 categories, their Smoke Killer Range and the Artisan Range, with both ranges working on a molecular level to effectively destroy the odour by attacking the odour molecules circulating in the air. At the same time a pretty intoxicating scent is also released, providing an extra level of cover.

TIP: 20 hours burn time for this candle. 2 hours or less per burn is recommended.

How does it work? Natural odour neutralising enzymes are released to circulate once the candle is lit.  

  • Enzymes are attracted to odour molecules in the air.
  • The enzymes bond to the odour molecules effectively breaking them down.
  • A new odourless compound is created.
  • The odour is gone!

TIP: This candle is made from a Parasoy Blend which is non-toxic, whilst the wick is lead-free.


Hands down my most favourite of the entire Beamer Candle Co Range (at least from the ones I have smelt so far) and it will take a very special candle to knock this one out of the top spot. The scent is Old Fashioned French Vanilla to be precise, a (slightly) less sweet take on standard vanilla based scents. Open the lid (I just did) and you will be hit with a delicate whiff of creamy vanilla.  Described by Beamer as being “light, sweet, fresh and airy” and I wholeheartedly agree with their assessment. I would also add that this is a very clean scent and reminds me of home made ice cream made with real vanilla pods.


x1 4oz. (133g)  Beamer Smoke Odor Killer Collection Exterminator Candle - Old Fashioned French Vanilla


  • Enzyme-based odour elimination
  • No harsh/toxic chemicals
  • Effective against all odours
  • Soy/Paraffin blend wax
  • Lead free wick - Zinc
  • Safe for people, pets and the environment
  • 4 oz./133g
  • 20-hour burn time
  • Reusable mason jar

CAUTION: Please never leave any candles unattended or in an area where they can be knocked over. Candle should be placed on a stable heat-safe surface away from any flammable materials/surfaces and not moved whilst lit. Burn within sight and please keep away from children and pets.

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