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Evolve is one interesting brand, a skincare brand based upon my initial search. Canadian made, terpene infused shampoos, conditioners and body washes. Aromatherapy is kind of their thing. It appears that they are branching out and incorporating a cleaning range. Elegantly packaged and extremely functional cleaning accessories for your regime.


These are cotton swabs but not as you may know them. Single ended swabs with extended handles - 12.7cms in length. Pointy on one end to help eliminate any reside from corners whilst the long handle will extend your reach. 50 swabs are provided in a sleek green tube/carton. These swabs can be utilised wet (alcohol, water etc) or dry and the uses are kind of endless.......

  • Herbal Vaporisers - Swab out resin from the oven and deep within the mouthpiece. Use it wet with extreme caution due to electronics!
  • Dab Rigs - Keep your banger mopped up between hits for an easier clean.
  • Atomisers - You can use these swabs to do delicate/gentle cleaning of electronic components.
  • Water Pipes - Clear out your flower bowls, getting deep.
  • Hand Ppes - Extra length can access more zones.
  • Grinders - Use these swabs to keep any threading gunk-free
  • Carb caps, dab tools - Intricate spot cleaning on any accessories.
  • Mouthpieces - Small enough to access most mouthpieces, getting deep.


x50 Evolve Cotton Swabs - Pointed Tip/Single Sided


  • Length: 5" Long/12.7cms
  • Long Handle for Maximum Reach
  • Eliminates Unwanted Residue
  • Gets Hard to Reach Corners
  • Multitude of uses
  • 50 Cotton Swabs

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