Farm to Vape 2ml Watermelon OG Terpenes Bottle

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**Please note: These terpenes are not thinners.
Creating e liquids from thick herbal concentrates is gaining traction in Australia as more and more people want to vape their herb on the go and with discretion. I am constantly trying to learn and source new and innovative products/brands trying to make a difference in the industry. This is how Farm to Vape entered my world, a very nice customer of mine gave me a heads up and my research began. Founded in 2014 (Virginia, USA), with the goal of perfecting their herbal e liquids via a range of thinners and strain specific terpenes kits (non-cannabinoid derived).


Terpenes can easily be described as flavour molecules and are the part of plant that is responsible for scent. They can be found in a variety of plants, fungi as well as some bugs and are also forms of communication. Terpenes are used by plants to attract pollinators, repel herbivores and attract predators of said herbivores – basically a great defence mechanism. In humans, terpenes can enhance the therapeutic effects (as well as adding flavour) of herbal remedies.
So why use terps? Terpenes extracted from plants have a myriad of uses; flavour enhancement, cleaning agents, medical remedies and skincare. Certain extraction methods can damage fragile terpenes (and flavour) within herbs hence the addition of terps back into the oil concentrate. Terpenes found within the Cannabis plant can be extracted directly from the Cannabis plant (very expensive) or can be extracted from a variety of other plants, herbs and fruits (more economical and most importantly legal!). Synthetic terps are also available but are produced in a lab by chemical manipulation and blending (not recommended and why would you bother?).
TIP: Farm to Vape Terpenes contain NO THC, CBD, PEG, PG, VG or MCT, it contains only 100% natural terpenes. It is NOT a thinner/liquidiser/emulsifier!


“Watermelon OG is an indica dominant strain that has hints of fruity, sweet, hashy and earthy...”
Farm to Vape carefully profiles a variety of strains to ascertain the individual terpenes within before individually extracting each and every one from a wide range of plants. All these individual natural terpenes are then blended together to recreate the strain profiled.
Farm to Vape has created a terpene line unlike any other I sell currently. Many brands create an all in one liquid that is used to create oil from concentrate whilst also adding flavour. These tiny little bottles are not to be used to thin out your concentrate in any way and are a super powerhouse of concentrated flavour. These terpenes can be added to distillate or to flavour your herbal oil that has already been thinned down from a concentrated form (Check out Farm to Vape Thinners).
2ml may not seem like a large amount but keep in mind that these terpenes are super concentrated, and you are only required to use 1 drop per 1ml of vape oil or distillate. The entire process should take you no longer than 5 minutes either.
TIP: The dark blue glass boilable dropper bottle is not provided in this option. Please check out the Farm to Vape Terpene Kits if a bottle is also required, or purchase one seperatley.


I am going to just give an overview to keep it short, but I wanted to show how easy the process is. Here goes…
  • Place 1 drop terpenes per ml of oil into the glass dropper bottle
  • Boil for 3 minutes in a pot with a lid
  • Decant and vape.
TIP: Farm to Vape specifically recommends that you do not exceed the recommended their 1-2% ratio when adding terpenes.


  • x1 2ml Watermelon OG Terpenes.


  • Strain Specific Terpene Blends
  • Fool Proof
  • Super concentrated
  • Used for flavour only NOT as a thinner
  • NO Boilable glass dropper bottle (dark blue glass) provided

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