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Honeybee Herb is an American brand offering a vast array of dabbing tools/products along with other rather cool and practical products. Bright yellow is their signature colour and they tend to use interest materials to craft their tools. Their range of bangers is quite impressive, covering a multitude of options. Over time I plan to add more and more of their range to the line up in store.


Honeybee likes to provide practical solutions in a fun way and this is a kit to simplify your dab set up. Dabbing is the slang for all manner of herbal extracts/concentrates/thick oils, a very potent form of cannabis. I urge caution.

Other than the actual dab rig, torch (and extracts of course), this kit has all the tools required to get dabbing. All are crafted from high quality materials and are designed to provide agitation, helping to keep your extract moving/dancing. The following products are provided;

  • Quartz Banger - A very deep bucket style of banger with a thickened opaque white base and a cute name "Honey and Milk Whirlwind". This is Helix Style Banger whereby there is a small side channel, an angled opening that allows air to enter within causing a whirlwind action within. Air will circulate in a spiral helps to move about the extract. The thickened base will help retain an even heat. Flat top, 14mm, male with a 90° angle.
  • Honey Pearls - x2 small red glass balls with one role. These balls are placed within the banger prior to loading your extract. Once lit and you start inhaling the airflow will force these pearls to move around the base of the banger. This action will also help the extract move about not allowing it to stick to one spot.
  • Quartz Spinning Quartz Carb Cap - A third way to introduce airflow into the mix. This cap covers the banger during inhalation and just like in the banger there are side channels that direct incoming air into a spiral. This air will mix with the spiral of air created by the banger, which will agitate the pearls producing movement.
  • Stainless Steel Dual Sided Dab Tool - A grippy tool with a sharp point on one end and a scoop at the other.


  • x1 Honeybee Quartz Flat Top Opaque Bottom Banger - Helix Style
  • x2 Honeybee Honey Pearls
  • x1 Honeybee Quartz Spinning Carb Cap
  • x1 Honeybee Dual Ended Stainless Steel Black Dab Tool


  • Perfect Starter Kit for Dabbing
  • High Quality Quartz Banger w/ Opaque White Base
  • Flat Top and deep bucket style banger
  • 14mm male 90° connection
  • Spinning Quartz Carb Cap
  • Honey Pearls for Maximum Efficiency
  • Stainless Steel Dual-Sided Dab Tool Included
  • Laser Engraved Honeybee Herb Logo
  • Easy to clean with Isopropyl Alcohol

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