Illuminati Glass Elite Series Liberty Bell Rig with Swing Bucket - Clear

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Illuminati Glass describes themselves as “designed by connoisseurs to be used by connoisseurs”. They tend to craft highly functional pieces that are not crazy expensive. I would use the word intricate to describe Illuminati Glass as they seem to have a particular fondness for interesting detail. The Liberty Bell glass water pipe/rig is a part of their “Elite range”.


This piece really drew me in the first time I saw it. I will be honest and admit I was even a little confused at first! Aesthetically it resembles a Liberty Bell, not a term that means much to Australians (but we are clever and can figure it out). A Liberty Bell is a symbol of American Independence and has played an important role in American history.  In my eyes this piece resembles an old-fashioned school bell with a long(ish) handle. This is a pretty solid rig with heavy durable glass used.

The bell shape was not what confused me, it was the cone/swing bucket that got me thinking. The cone/bowl + down stem are all-in-one and completely built-in. The bowl is quite large, definitely roomier than most “normal” bowls to accommodate the swing bucket (more on that below). The down stem cuts through the water chamber diagonally and is affixed to the base. A “fission” down stem percolator, whereby 3 holes break down your large smoke bubble into smaller bubbles for filtration and cooling.

In terms of the water chamber, the capacity is pretty decent, and it narrows as you move up towards the neck. This narrowing provides an anti-splash back effect allowing you to inhale deeply. Follow up along the neck and you will reach the super reinforced, flattened mouthpiece. I feel like my description is not giving this rig justice, the curves are so very smooth, and the base is wide and beautifully flat. There is something very satisfying about this design!

Measuring: 19cms tall and 11cms at its widest (base)


Not sure if this is officially designed as a dual use water pipe but I cant see why it shouldn’t be, you may just want a screen and you cannot use the fixed bowl as a carb hole. Beneath the inbuilt bowl is a thin glass tube and this is where you install the arm of the swing bucket (2 o-rings keep it in place). Once in place the bucket can swing in and out of the bowl whilst still being tethered to the rig. Hence the dual use, if the bucket is not in place, then the empty bowl can be filled with dry herbal material and lit as per the norm. My only word of caution is that the bowl is massive, and I would not over pack.

TIP: Please be super careful with the swing bucket. It is not an easy to replicate piece. I have a spare in store if needed but this may not last.


  • X1 Illuminati Liberty Bell Rig (Clear Glass) 
  • x1 Swing Bucket
  • x2 O-rings


  • Authentic Illuminati Piece
  • Elite Series
  • Heavy Duty Glass
  • Bell Shaped
  • Dual use
  • Fixed fission down stem
  • Swing Bucket
  • Reinforced mouthpiece
  • Anti-splash back design

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