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MJ Arsenal is quickly becoming a brand that I admire. Unique and quite intricate in their design, unlike any other items that I sell. They specialise in bubblers of all sizes (they tend to like to create palm sized products) as well as amazing dab rigs. Each piece they craft is triple inspected for any imperfections. MJ Arsenal, based out of Denver Colorado, consider themselves a consumer-focused company. Their objective is to push boundaries in any given product/function and they generally succeed with an assortment of patents and trademarks issued.


This product is for my fellow clean freaks out there. Those of us that like to take it to the next level. Cleaning your glassware is imperative and kind of non-negotiable particularly if you like to enjoy flavour and value a smooth and comfortable experience. Dabbing is an extremely messy affair and gunk will accumulate rather fast. I always recommend that bangers are cleaned after each use. Not necessarily a deep clean but they should be swabbed out with a damp cotton bud. Doing this whilst the banger is still warm will make it easier.
This Iso Station is basic in its design enabling you to safely store your cotton buds and a small amount of fluid together. Isopropyl Alcohol is the fluid of choice when cleaning dab rigs but I sometimes just swab out my bangers with water and save the Isopropyl for my weekly deep cleans. The choice is yours. This station looks kind of like an oversized shot glass with a side portion. Roomy enough to hold most sized cotton buds in the cup portion and a small amount of fluid to the side. This section is completely isolated and a silicone plug is provided to keep any Isopropyl Alcohol from escaping.  
Measuring: 55mm tall and 45mm wide (cup). 7cms total width with side arm.


  • x1 MJ Arsenal Double walled glass Iso Station (NO SWABS PROVIDED)
  • x1 Silicone plug


  • Keeps Cleaning Tools and Solutions Together
  • Conveniently Use Cleaning Tools During Your Next Session
  • Extend Life of Borosilicate Glass and Quartz Products
  • Silicone Plug for Cleaning Solutions Chamber
  • MJ Arsenal Decal
  • Size: 3.25" x 2"
NOTE: Cotton swabs pictured not included.

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