Orange You Glad We Didn't Mistake This For A Peach Glass Bubbler

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Unfortunately I can't do my usual brand research with this particular bubbler, and I really tried. I did make sure that the glass is  of high quality and the design is highly functional. As a bubbler style pipe there are certain design features present. Water can added, and the flower bowl is usually a built-in depression. A straw-like projecting mouthpiece is another common feature. Bubblers are a great middle ground between standard hand pipes and smaller water pipes, just keep in mind that generally only a small amount of water is ever used within a bubbler.


The name of this bubbler confused all of us when we first unboxed. Definitely a piece of fruit but we didn't all agree on which sort! Obviously the name talks of an orange and a peach but we weren't convinced at first (it's an orange!). Either way it is modelled on a piece of fruit, orange coloured borosilicate glass with a roundish body. Green glass along one side of the body to denote leaves and a long striped glass straw that acts as an extended mouthpiece. Opaque glass and you cant see within.

Measuring: 11.5cms tall - base to the top of the extend mouthpiece

The in-built bowl extends down into the water chamber/body of the bubbler acting as a form of down stem helping to push smoke directly into the water below. Smoke will percolate within before moving up towards the slanted straw. The mouthpiece narrows and rounds off at the very end. There is a carb hole/shotty located on the side of this bubbler, allowing you to clear out any smoke that accumulates within. Lastly, the base is nice and flat to help keep your bubbler upright and safe.


x1 Orange You Glad We Didn't Mistake This For A Peach Glass Bubbler


  • 11.4cms tall
  • Bubbler hand pipe
  • Orange w/ straw design
  • Fixed bowl
  • Made from borosilicate glass
  • Flat base
  • Down stem within
  • A great gift idea

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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