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Colour: Black

I stock a variety of brands that sell silicone-based products, but these are generally either dab loading tools or storage containers. I chose PieceMaker as they were the first brand that made Karb Kaps (their spelling, not mine!) completely out of silicone. PieceMaker is regarded as a market leader in making nearly indestructible silicone smoking products. All their products are designed in the US and they hold a variety of patents. Plenty of counterfeits available and for this reason PieceMaker recommends only purchasing from a legitimate seller (I am one!).


Dabbing was quite unknown in Sydney a year and a half ago when I first opened my store with only a small amount of die-hard herbal connoisseurs creating/playing around with dabs. I had to do a lot of explaining then but not so today with more and more telling me about dabbing as opposed to the other way around. I am a good listener and have been steadily adding more and more dabbing products to my store.
If you know anything about dabbing, then you should know that silicone is a dabbers best friend. Dabbing is all about smoking/vaping a waxy herbal concentrate. These concentrates are very sticky in nature and will happily adhere to every surface they come into contact with. This is where silicone makes its appearance. Silicone is as non-stick as you can get in regard to dabbing.


The PieceMaker Gear Karb Kap is insulated and made completely out of silicone. The insulation works to help keep the air cool for a more flavourful and enjoyable dab. This innovative Kap comes with directional airflow to help you to disperse the wax/oil throughout your banger/nail for even heating. Oh, and don’t forget that they are quite hard to break unlike glass carb caps.
TIP: Will work with up to 30mm wide nail heads.
Why use a carb cap? An important dabbing accessory that is needed when using glassware to dab that works to regulate/restrict and direct airflow. The carb cap is used to cover the top of your nail/banger once you have placed a dab inside. They work to trap heat at lower temperatures for a longer period of time allowing for effective heating and great flavour.
To use: After applying your dab material directly to the heated nail/banger you simply cover with the PieceMaker Karp Kap. Once in place, and whilst inhaling spin/rotate the Kap to push a stream of air around within. Remove Kap when done. Repeat as needed.
To clean: Very easy to clean. For the truly lazy I would recommend the dishwasher or simply place in a small warm soapy bath. For stubborn stains Eyce does a great all-natural silicone cleaner. (Yes, I sell it).


x1 PieceMaker all-silicone black Karb Kap


  • Indestructible Carb Cap
  • Directional Airflow Design
  • Compatible with Most Common Bangers
  • Black or Glow in the Dark Green
  • Size: 1.5" x 1.125" x 1.125"

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