Sean Dietrich 2.25" 4-piece Aluminium Grinder - Honey Hatter

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Grinders are an important accessory for most cannaconnisseurs that I encounter. Scissors can do the job for most but they come with certain drawbacks. Grinders offer the ability to increase the surface area of each small portion (fluffier) whilst keeping each uniform in size. These 2 factors are particularly important if you are vaping, creating a more efficient heating style. I try to offer my customers as many options in grinders as I can including artistic versions.


This man is an artist, extremely vivid art a touch psychedelic in my opinion. Art a little on the darker side and I quite like it. He is also one of the most prolific artists within the cannabis scene. His artwork has been used by a wide variety of brands including; Zippo, Facebook, Playstation, OCB Rolling Papers, Asahi Beer, Genius Pipe. This grinder incorporates his Honey Hatter design.


A 4-Piece grinder with a black/silver body and art upon the lid and base. The body has a textured grip so easy handling and turning. The top lid is magnetic for easy closure and the extra grip is handy for ease of function. The multitude of teeth are designed to provide a course grind.  These teeth are diamondish (deformed) in shape. Once ground your herbal material will drop down into the storage zone below. There is a fine mesh screen at the base for kief to pass through.
TIP: The art has been applied directly to the grinder and is not a sticker.
The storage zone is quite substantial (deep) and interesting. It can be removed and used as a small bowl as the walls are quite high. At the very base is the final zone, the kief collection zone. Kief is also known as pollen and it is the fine dust that many users like to collect. There are tools provided too. A triangular guitar pick and a small brush. Rubber O-rings are also provided as spares. 
Measuring: 2.25"


  • x1 - Sean Dietrich Art - 2.25" 4-Piece Grinder - Honey Hatter
  • x1 - Pollen Scraper
  • x1 Brush
  • x2 O rings


  • Size: 2.25"
  • Magnetic Closure
  • Textured Grip for Easy Grinding
  • Includes Scrape Tool
  • Honey Hatter Design
  • L lock bottom (to avoid gunk up)
  • Teeth Shaped for coarse grind
  • Kief screen with brush
  • Art printed directly on Grinder (not a sticker)

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