Skull Silicone Bottle Toppers

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Colour: Green/White

Not everything I sell is “elite’ level and sometimes I like to bring in some “fun” products to make my customers smile. This is one such product and I can attest to the fact that my staff definitely smiled during this particular show and tell. Saying that, unboxing at We are Lux is always fun!


Full silicone so you know that heat is not going to be an issue. Being heat resistant and unbreakable are 2 reasons to consider silicone. It is a safe surface that will not release toxins when exposed to high heat like plastic would. Silicone is regularly used within cooking and baking.

TIP: These bottle toppers are designed to be used with a banger (concentrates/dabbing) but you could also use with a flower bowl for dry herbal material. No banger or flower bowl is provided and the connection is 14mm male.

You insert this device directly into a bottle. Think of this as an extension of any bottle you attach it to that provides you with a mouthpiece and a down stem. Almost any sized bottle can be used (I recommend glass) as the insertion point tapers down in size to create a tight fit.
Sitting within the bottle will be the slim down-stem tube that extends down quite some length – 24cms. I recommend a tall bottle, In-store I have one displayed in a 1L San Pellegrino bottle and the stem extends ¾ down the length. Doesn’t really matter where it ends as long as you add water accordingly.

Extending out from the bottle is the bulk of the body. The middle portion is a skull, and this is where you insert your banger/flower bowl. As mentioned prior ensure it is 14mm in size and male. Above the skull is the long and slightly curved mouthpiece. A fairly wide opening with a flat end for your lips. The slight curve will help with splash back but as per usual I recommend a test inhale before you light anything.

Body Measurement: 20cms


  • X1 Skull Silicone Bottle Topper


  • Size: 8"
  • Made of Silicone
  • Heat resistant
  • Skull design
  • Anti-splash back curved design
  • Turns Bottles into Water Pipes
  • 24cms Down Stem tube
  • Tapered for Multiple Sizes
  • Banger/flower bowl Sold Separately

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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