Special Blue ""Spark" Cloud Series Torch Lighter

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Color: Light Blue

I have steadily sold torches made by Special Blue for a while now, high quality and extremely powerful torch lighters used primarily by dabbers. For those unaware, dabs are herbal extracts that require high levels of heat and a torch is a butane filled lighter that emits a blue flame. This is the all new Cloud Series from Special Blue, single flame torches that are on the smaller (travel friendly) side.


There are currently 4 options in this series, 4 colours along with 4 provocative slogans. Slimline, designed to fit easily into your pocket/bag with an ergonomic fit in the hand. Each refills via butane (port at base). You are also able to adjust the height of the flame, adjuster on the base. Easy to fill and easy to use with automatic ignition whenever you pull down the igniter. 

Slogans on each:

  • Light Blue - "Sorry for being so blunt"
  • Dark Blue - "It's always 420 somewhere" 
  • Pink - "B#tch better have my lighter"
  • Yellow - "Smoke a bong get along"

Measuring: 9.5cms tall and just over 1.5cms wide.


x1 Special Blue Spark "Cloud Series" Torch Lighter Cloud Series


  • Smaller profile torch lighter
  • Ultra compact
  • Colourful
  • Single flame
  • Adjustable flame
  • Automatic ignition
  • Quick Butane refill

CAUTION: Please take care with any and all lighters/torches that refill with butane. Please fill in a well ventilated room and wait a short while before lighting. Keep away from children, pets and extreme sunlight. Do not keep it lit for more than 10 seconds per time. 


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