The Marijuana Chef Cookbook Edition 3 by S. T. Oner

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A simple and easy to use cookbook with an amusingly interesting author (their name at least, I am guessing it is a pseudonym). I must have been having a big overwhelming day when the book initially arrived as the name didn’t register for a few days. Then one day I looked at the cover and started giggling! Enough about me. Further research reveals that S. T. Oner is quite the expert with 10 books (marijuana related) published so far. I am quite proud of my growing array of medicinal cookbooks in store and I plan to keep adding to it whenever I come across ones that I rate highly. Each must provide interesting recipes that are easy, are (mostly) nutritional and are presented in a fun and passionate way. The Marijuana Chef fits the bill.


This is the 3rd edition of this well-regarded best-selling book. A smallish, soft-cover book with over 50 recipes within. The 3rd edition brings you an improved full-colour version with beautiful photos of each recipe as well as 15 completely new recipes. The Marijuana Chef Cookbook has been proving itself for over a decade now and has a dedicated following of stoners who use it extensively to create their unique edibles.
Easy recipe is easy to follow, and you aren’t required to be a wizz in the kitchen to create them. The first section is focused on presenting facts about marijuana with information on research, common effects (good and bad), potency issues, legal tips, culinary history and its use as a medicine. Recipes provided include:
  • Desserts
  • Soups and Starters
  • Main Course
  • Vegetarian
  • More Desserts
  • Marijuana Drinks
TIP: Vegetarian and Vegan options are provided too.


Chapter 2 is probably the most important chapter of the whole book as it covers 4 methods of extraction/infusion. Even if you never use a single recipe in this book, just reading chapter 2 will provide you with all you need to create your own recipes. Make the following 4….
  • Marijuana Butter
  • Marijuana Coconut Oil
  • Marijuana Flour
  • Marijuana Alcohol


I cannot vouch for the validity of the information and wont advocate either way, but Chapter 9 explores the different types of foods that can help you naturally detox and pass a test. Supporting the liver (the body’s main detoxification system along with the kidneys) is said to improve the speed of detoxification with certain foods aiding in supporting both phases that the liver uses to remove toxins from the blood. Vitamins and certain liver friendly herbs are also explored as to their effectiveness.


x1 Marijuana Chef Cookboook by S. T. Oner
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