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Dymapak describes themselves as a comprehensive pharmaceutical safety packaging supplier. They basically make containers for every medical situation they can think of. Safety is their main objective and they have been at it for a while now. Medicinal Cannabis legalisation provided Dymapak with a new issue, odour control. It all flourished from there and they have since perfected a variety of solutions for the usage/dispensing of marijuana. 


This little tool is quite handy and it was considered to be one of the biggest innovations in the concentrate packaging industry when it first appeared on the market. Used primarily when dispensing herbal extracts. Discretion and a child proof design was the initial premise. The Twistspencer is the first fully child-resistant liquid dispenser for concentrate packaging. It is actually the first fully lab certified child-resistant liquid dispenser. Lab certified compliant with CPSC 1700.20 and ASTM 3475 standards.

You can use this loading tool for any thickness of fluid/oil and it has been designed to not leak. The internal cap design and silicone cover provide dual protection against leaks. The discretion comes in the form of the shape, designed to look like a large lipstick. Keep the lid on and no-one will guess its use.

TIP: The cap is child proof and requires a little effort to remove.


The Twistspencer is kind of like a modified syringe, just without the needle point. Remove the lid and and insert the dispensing nozzle. This nozzle lives in a small slot in the base when not in use. Once in place you are ready to dispense your concentrate. 1.5ml can be draw up at a time. This is achieved by a simple twist of the base as you dip the nozzle into the extracted oil. Stop twisting once full or when you have your desired amount. You are now ready to load up a CCELL cartridge or a storage container of your choice.

You can leave the oil/fluid within the Twistspenser too, ready for the next go. The included extended nozzle/Plunger tip is designed to dispense with no wastage.

TIP: Your herbal extract must be runny and in the form of a fluid for this tool to work. Wax will be way too thick to work.


  • x1 Twistspencer Concentrates Dispenser (Child proof lid included)
  • x1 Nozzle/Plunger Tip (3cms long - white in colour)


  • Child resistant
  • Can hold any fluid material thickness
  • Internal cap design and silicone cover provide dual leakage protection
  • Lab certified compliant with CPSC 1700.20 and ASTM 3475 standards
  • Extended plunger tip dispenses all material with no wastage - 3cms long
  • No scary syringe
  • Discrete lipstick design

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