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V Syndicate specialises in all things 420/smoking accessories. Bold designs paired with top-of-the-line craftsmanship. “Pushing the envelope to create new and exciting products for an ever-growing market”. Their line of products all revolve around elevating your smoking ritual (rolling trays, grinders and storage). I can not completely verify the following but V Syndicate prides themselves on the invention of the very first grinder card, first hybrid rolling tray as well as the first glass trays to ever be printed in colour.

High end storage is kind of their niche with odour control and humidity control options of offer. The SmartStash System is all about storage with additional humidity control.

TIP: This is the first design that I chose to stock. Why? As an unabashed science nerd I couldn’t resist the scientific element for THC design!


V Syndicate wanted to provide a little luxury along with the highest functionality. Luxury in terms of the high-quality materials used plus the quality of artwork/design. Functionally they have provided some handy little extras to make your life a little easier. Each jar is made from super-tough opaque (light proof) borosilicate glass with a wooden lid. This lid contains a silicone liner to provide an airtight seal when firmly sealed in place. Medicinal herbs (including marijuana) require airtight storage to maintain potency and most importantly to keep odours at bay!

MEDIUM SMARTSTASH CAPACITY: Can hold up to half of an ounce of herbal material. V Syndicate has actually designated this size their "perfect in between size", perfect for the moderate user.

Smack bang in the middle of the lid (very top) is the included grinder plate. Magnetised in place to keep it safe. Beneath the grinder plate there is a smallish space carved out of the lid enabling you to grind whilst the plate is magnetised in position. Your material will accumulate below. You can either use the ground up herb straight away or use the included funnel to store it within the actual jar for later use.

The SmartStash Jars come complete with an included Humidity Control pack rated at 62%RH. This is the perfect humidity level for medicinal cannabis, kind of like the Goldilocks fairy tale, keeping your herb not too wet nor too dry but just right! Overly moist herbal material can produce mould or harbour bacteria and to be honest is not easy to smoke (or vape). Whilst material that has been over dried will lose efficacy (effect) and will become dry and brittle. You want the perfect sweet spot of 62%RH (Relative Humidity). Keep in mind that you will need to change up your humidity packs once they become hard over time.

TIP: There is a humidifier plate within (magnetised) that will keep the humidity pack in place.


x1 Medium V Syndicate SmartStash with Blue THC Elemental


  • 4" in height (10cms)
  • Opaque Borosilicate Glass
  • Lightproof and airtight
  • Can hold up to ½ ounce
  • Magnetic grinder plate
  • Wooden lid with funnel
  • Silicone Insert
  • Humidity pack provided – 62%RH
  • Humidifier plate
  • THC Element design

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