Pulsar 90° Oil Reclaimer with Removable Silicone Bottom - 14mm Male to 14mm Female

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I have stocked Pulsar for a while now with a variety of herbal vaporisers, one hitters and dab rigs on offer in my Bondi Vape Store. They appear to have been around for quite some time now and house over 1000 different products at their facility in North Carolina. Consummate vapers and smokers, they love to innovate and create products that exceed expectations.


A reclaimer is a specific form of ash catcher with an extra feature. Ash catchers are generally used to keep a glass piece cleaner for longer, capturing gunk before it can enter into your rig/bubbler/water pipe etc. They are an external accessory that sits in-between your bowl/banger and the down stem. Gravity plus design is the secret behind the functionality of most ash catchers. A reclaimer follows the same principles with the added ability to easily access the interior. Why? So you can "reclaim/reuse" the contents, hence the name. My customers who partake in concentrates/extracts/dabbing tend to like this feature as there can be a lot of wastage, with a large amount of thick oil building up within the water chamber and down stem.
This borosilicate glass reclaimer will attach directly to your down stem with a 14mm male connection point. The angle joint sits at a 90° and your banger/bowl will attach directly upon the very top. Reclaim material will drip down the centre towards the base. There is no glass at the base but a thick silicone base/container/cap. Wedged deep into position until you remove it. Reclaim will accumulate and it is up to you to decide when and how you will use it. A second silicone piece is provided, this is a lid for the silicone base enabling you to store your reclaim within for future use.

TIP: A 90° angle will work best with a "banger hanger" down stem, one that faces straight up towards the sky.


x1 - Pulsar Oil Reclaimer - 90 Degree 14mm Male connection


  • 90 Degree Elbow
  • Fits 14mm Female Water Pipes
  • Premium Water Pipe and Rig Accessory
  • Made from High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Designed to maximize efficiency and minimize lost dabs
  • Compatible with 14mm Male Bowls, Stems, and Other Accessories
  • Removable Reclaimer Captures Unused Residual Oils and Waxes

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