Bondi Vape Queen


I invite all to come by in-store and say hello. I love to help and will happily discuss most topics with my customers (nothing illegal though, I have no interest and much bigger plans). I don’t judge and strive to provide unbiased information, including discussions around the all-important topic of harm minimisation. All the better to break uninformed stereotypes that surround our industry.

As for the name of my store? A double entendre to denote the high quality of products stocked, but most importantly Lux is the name of my 11-year-old whippet who sits at my feet all day long. He loves a pat.


So, who am I then? Bondi Vape Queen is my alter-ego offering me some level of anonymity in this industry I have chosen to dedicate my life to. My real name is Irena, and I was born (almost, arrived when I was 3) and bred in Bondi Beach, Sydney. Some might say I bleed sand, dramatic yet metaphorically true as there isn’t a part of Bondi I am not acquainted with!

Over the last 20 years, natural therapies, herbal medicine, and the emerging medicinal cannabis market have played important roles in my life. I am a fully trained/qualified Naturopath (non-practicing) and hold a medical degree in Human Health Sciences. I am also a strong medicinal cannabis advocate and actively pushes for legalisation here in Australia.

My goal with We are Lux is to bring the best of the 420/medicinal cannabis worlds directly to my customers whilst providing quality education. These products include herbal vaporisers (medicinal delivery devices), premium glassware, unique rolling papers and the most gorgeous accessories I can get my hands on. While innovation and design are my weaknesses, behind each product is also a commitment to quality; I painstakingly research all items displayed on the shelf. If I need to jump through the hoops of fire to get a product, I will probably do it!