Eyce 10mm Quartz Bucket/Banger

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Eyce, the brand has been around for a while and have been serious contenders in the world of silicone creating a multitude of beakers, rigs, pipes and more. All very well designed, colourful, highly functional and with life-time warranties.


Let’s get the name out of the way, a bucket and a banger are technically the same thing. The word banger is used most often in Australia and the word bucket can sometimes refer to specific products depending on the brand. A banger is the name given to a bowl (or bucket!) that is used in the consumption (inhalation) of herbal concentrates/wax. Known as “dabbing”. Bangers attach to the down stem of your water pipe/bubbler just as a standard flower bowl/cone does. The BIG difference between both is in how you light/use a banger, hence the need for a different design.

TIP: Made from fused silica non-crystalline (glass) form of silicone dioxide (quartz sand). This process creates a highly cross linked 3-D structure, giving rise to an ability to handle high heat.

Most (high quality) bangers on the market today are made from quartz, including this one from Eyce. Quartz is more durable than standard glass, holds heat well and is quite hard to actually overheat, important features if you are using the high heat that dabbing requires.

TIP: The ability to retain heat for longer periods can enhance your dab session as it can be quite annoying (and wasteful) to have to reheat mid-session.

Please take note that this is a small banger with a 10mm connection. The majority of dab rigs that I encounter have 14mm connections. If you are uncertain please measure or if you have a ruler a 10mm will be just under 1cm whilst the 14mm will be just over the 1cm mark.  I would also ensure that the angle of the banger is appropriate for your particular rig to ensure safe lighting. This banger sits at a 90 degree angle and the connection is frosted for an airtight seal.


X1 10mm Quartz Glass Banger/Bucket


  • Authentic Eyce product
  • Eyce Rig II replacement part
  • Quartz Glass
  • 90 degree
  • Very high quality
  • Frosted connection
  • 10mm male connection

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