Glob Mops XL 2.0 Cotton Swabs Extra Absorbent - 300 per box

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A big welcome to Glob Mops, I am pleased to include you in my in-store line up. A simple brand that makes one deceptively simple product. They literally sell only one product, the most absorbent, 420 friendly cotton mops. Think of your standard ear buds (or Q tips) on steroids. Fatter, thicker and loaded with a truckload of cotton. This is a brand for connoisseurs (or cannasseurs!), those that value the highest level of quality not just for their vapes/glassware but also all their cleaning implements.


First things first, the 2.0 version is x3 more absorbent than the original v1 mops. The cotton is also a little looser for better absorption, these guys are designed to be super thirsty. 300 mops are provided now instead of the 200 from before. So improvements all round then!
Double ended with a bamboo stick in the middle. Each end is a little different to the other to provide different needs.

  • Rounded end – Best side for straight out absorption. A nice round glob of cotton. A great option for flat and easy to access zones.
  • Pointed end – This side will allow you to access hard to reach corners or when you are doing intricate spot cleaning.

Glob Mops are indispensable to dabbers. For those unaware, dabbing is the consumption of herbal concentrates. Thick, oily and very messy substances especially after they are heated. Every experienced dabber that enters my store has these mops in their dabbing arsenal, including myself! These mops are particularly amazing when dabbing at low temperatures (all the rage currently) and should be used whilst your rig/banger is still warm for optimal results.


X1 Glob Mops XL 2.0 – 300 extra thick mops within


  • 2.0 XL Version
  • 300 in a hard plastic case
  • Extra absorbent
  • Double Ended
  • Rounded end
  • Pointed end
  • Loose cotton for better absorption
  • Bamboo Sticks
  • 100% cotton
  • Made in the USA
  • Great for low temperature dabbing

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