Aleaf Terp Slurp Pearl Set in Ruby Red - 3 per pack + Carb Cap Pearl

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It has been a little while since I welcomed a new glassware brand to my ever growing in-store range. My glass wall as I call it, encompassed one entire wall with 4 very long shelves from floor to ceiling all full of glass. It is hard not to admire it when I walk across the room! aLeaf hails out of California and my first thought is that their logo looks very familiar and how has Adidas not sued them yet??? Or maybe they are in secret cahoots together making sneakers and glass!? A quick perusal of their site shows some pretty quirky creations with an emphasis on colour and durability.


They may look like fancy marbles but these accessories are designed to be used when using a dab rig. They are placed inside a banger and are an accessory of choice for dabbing connoisseurs. Dabbing is a hot and sticky affair and any accessories that enhance the experience are always welcome in my store. So what's the point? Terp balls/pearls play a role in the agitation/movement of concentrate material within a banger. This movement ensures that no "hot spots" occur and the material can dance about within the banger. Heat is also retained. Those that enjoy cold temperature dabbing definitely benefit from such an accessory.

These pearls are placed directly inside a banger, generally one per time but depending on the size of your banger some people use more (hence x2 of the smallest size are provided in this pack). Your herbal concentrate is also added to the same banger. How and when you light is up to you but I tend to enjoy cold starts and light my material after loading the banger. Apply your blow torch and both the concentrate plus the pearl should start moving about. The role of the pearl is to increase the range of motion as you inhale. 

The largest pearl is your carb cap.  A cover for your banger that closes off and directs airflow within the banger during inhalation. Regardless of whether you use terp pearls or not, you must use a carb cap when dabbing with a glass dab rig. You could dab without one but there would be a lot of waste.

3 terp pearls have been included, all perfectly round and a brilliant shade of red. Plus one large pearl that acts as a carb cap. Each are made from borosilicate glass and are solid. The following sizes are included:

  • x2 terp pearls - 6mm thickness
  • x1 terp pearl - 12mm thickness
  • x1 terp pearl - 24mm thickness (carb cap)


  • x3 Aleaf Terp Slurp Pearl Set in Ruby Red
  • x1 Aleaf Terp Slurp Large Pearl - Carb Cap also Ruby Red


  • Premium Borosilicate Glass
  • Solid glass
  • For use with concentrates
  • Ruby Red colour
  • Various sizes - 6mm/12mm/24mm
  • Carb Cap included

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