aLeaf Uni Recycler Water Pipe with Waffle Perc

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Colour: Green

It has been a little while since I welcomed a new glassware brand to my ever growing in-store range. My glass wall as I call it encompassed one entire wall with 4 very long shelves from floor to ceiling all full of glass. It is hard not to admire it when I walk across the room! aLeaf hails out of California and my first thought is that their logo looks very familiar and how has Adidas not sued them yet??? Or maybe they are in secret cahoots together making sneakers and glass!? A quick perusal of their site shows some pretty quirky creations with an emphasis on colour and durability.


Quick lesson – What is a recycler? A 2 chambered percolation system that enables the water within to be cycle through and back around. Both chambers are interconnected (usually via a tube) and work together to clean/filter and cool your water resulting in a super smooth and clean experience. You use a recycler just as you would any other rig/water pipe and all the recycling occurs whilst you are inhaling. 


This is a fairly intricate piece of glass so here goes. Each are made from heavy duty, heat-resistant borosilicate glass and stand at just over 22cms tall. The glass is mostly clear with colour accents here and there along with a coloured Aleaf logo. There is a rather thick base, wide and flat. Helpful if you are prone to spillage. There are multiple chambers within (more below) and a curved mouthpiece.The mouthpiece is angled, reinforced and flat, it should work well to reduce the odds of splashback. A 14mm male (removable and with a handle) flower bowl is provided.

TIP: The design/angle of the down stem (banger hanger) enables this pipe to also be used as a dab rig. (banger required)

The down stem is of the "banger hanger" variety, meaning that it sits at a 90° angle with the majority of the stem sitting outside the glass. This design feature acts as a kind of ash catcher, allowing gravity to capture gunk at the base before it can enter into the actual water chamber. Internally the down stem links to a waffle perc. What?? A disc shaped percolator that extends out within the water chamber. There are angled slits/openings along the top of this perc, longer than usual ones. The size and angle of these openings will break up smoke and send it spiraling into the water. Step one of filtration. At this point the recycler function kicks in and smoke + water will travel up into the spherical chamber above, step two of filtration. This will continue whilst you inhale. Once you stop the water will move back to its original position in the base.


  • x1 Aleaf Uni Recycler with Waffle Perc
  • x1 14mm male flower bowl


  • 22cm tall
  • Heavy Duty Borosilicate Glass
  • Thick glass pedestal
  • Recycler design bong
  • Double chambered
  • Wafflle Percolator
  • Angled mouthpiece
  • Anti-splashback effect
  • 14 mm male flower bowl (removable with handle)
  • Can also be used as a dab rig (banger required)

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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