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A very big welcome to Alientech, a proudly Australian brand all the way from the other side of the country in Western Australia. Thank you Courtney for the samples! I have been following this brand for a while now and I am so very excited to add it to the shelves. Apparently run by aliens with a goal to "provide high quality products to the community on planet Earth".  All their products have been lab tested on planet Earth to ensure compliance with our atmosphere and energy systems. A very cool and practical brand with the vast majority of their range revolving around tools required for grinding, storage, odour control and preparation.


Whether you dab, partake in herbal vaping or use a pipe (wet or dry) you are probably aware of the benefits of cleaning your gear regularly. Resin and sticky oils tend to hang around, building upon themselves. The longer you leave them the harder the clean up process will be. Connoisseurs take great care with their cleaning regime, creating "cleaning stations" stocked with high quality cleaning tools. A vast array of tools is not required and I just tend to focus on the basics; swabs, cleaning solution, pipe cleaners and nylon brushes. You will never regret cleaning your pieces/devices, especially of you value flavour and a smoother experience.

Alien Blobz are highly absorbent, large double-ended cotton swabs designed to really mop up excess oil and resin. A stiff bamboo stick in the middle with one end rounded and the other pointed for all those corners. Designed not to unravel, cotton stays on the stick. Non toxic and completely biodegradable. Add some Isopropyl Alcohol and some durable pipe cleaners and your cleaning station is ready. Lastly, if you are a dabber (herbal concentrates) then I cannot stress highly enough how beneficial it is to use cotton swabs to clean out your banger in between each use. Use a slightly damp swab (water will suffice) to mop up the left over oil when the banger is slightly warm.


x 300 Alientech Alien Blobz


  • Large swabs
  • 300 sticks
  • Cotton tips
  • Non toxic and biodegradable
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Designed not to unravel
  • Double ended
  • Pointy end and round end
  • Reach corners
  • Bamboo stick
  • Helps with cleaning
  • Australian brand

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