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Those that know me well are aware that I am/was a fully qualified naturopath, herbalist, homoeopath and nutritionalist. I have always had a strong interest in the healing effects of botanical herbs and advocate for their responsible use.


These smoking mixes contain a small selection of herbs than have been historically used as tobacco substitutes. Not only nicotine-free, these herbs will also produce an effect and can be used in a myriad of ways including;

  • Quitting cigarettes
  • Diluting your tobacco to smoke less nicotine
  • Diluting other herbs for the budget conscious
  • To experience the herbal effects offered

Whatever your reason for use you can either smoke, vape or even make a tea out of this blend. Passionflower is quite an amazing herb with a multitude of positive effects. A great herb for those that suffer from anxiety and has been used historically to help overcome nicotine cravings.


  • For insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns
  • Has been used as a gentle sedative for pain relief and tranquilizing effects
  • Widely known to be good for anxiety, tension, and irritability
  • Gentle sedative properties produce a smoothing and relaxing effect
  • Reduces nervous over activity and panic
  • Non-addictive herbal tranquilizer
  • Can be used for overcoming nicotine cravings
  • Pain killing properties for toothache, period pain, and headaches
  • Used to treat a diverse range of nervous conditions such as asthma, palpitations, high blood pressure, and muscle cramps


This blend can be used in 3 different ways. You can smoke it as you would normally smoke your tobacco or add the blend to your tobacco and/or herbal mixtures to dilute. You can also vaporise this mix, either as is or combined with other herbs (temperature recommended between 150°C and 175°C) . Finally, you can make a tea by simply brewing in boiled water. I recommend lightly brewing to start till you determine the taste!


x1 30g packet of Passionflower Herbal mixture.

Full ingredients

  • Passionflower
  • Marshmallow Leaf (soothing anti-inflammatory action)
  • Red Clover (can help with lung conditions and menopausal symptoms)

Caution: Please do not consume this herbal mixture if you are pregnant (ask your Doctor first) or have experienced any negative effects with herbal remedies in the past. Please check with your Doctor if you are taking any medications that may interact with certain herbs, particularily if you are uncertain.

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