Bear Quartz Swabs Kit - Reusable Cleaning Station

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Bear Quartz is a newcomer in the industry and they focus primarily on high quality Quartz accessories for herbal extracts. Bangers, carb caps, terp beads and tools are their main focus. They use nothing but the highest level of Quartz they can source and they have an innovative line-up of products. 


An all-in-one kit that provides you with x2 varieties of biodegradable cleaning swabs, rigid bamboo swabs along with flexible ones. There are a lot of swabs standing upright within the hinged, snap-top container. There are too many to count, definitely more than 100 with 2/3rds rigid and 1/3rd flexible. Rigids are white in colour and flexible are black. Each swab is double ended , with one pointed end and one rounded.

Measuring: 7.5cms tall

The actual station is a deep cylindrical container made from durable plastic and the lid snaps shut. There is a slim tube sitting amongst the swabs, the Isopropyl Alcohol tube (Iso Tube), it will arrive empty. Your job is to fill this tube with Isopropyl Alcohol and to slip it back within the swabs ready for use. This tube has a pop top lid and will keep your cleaning fluid safe and secure. 


x1 Bear Quartz Swabs Kit - Reusable Cleaning Station filled with Bamboo Swabs


  • Reusable cleaning station
  • Snap top lid
  • Includes 2/3 Bamboo swabs and 1/3 Flexible swabs
  • Removable ISO tube
  • No Isopropyl provided

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