Bee Line Organic Thick Gauge Hemp Wick - 9ft Long

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I’m pretty new to the world of hemp wicks and I do wish I had come across them sooner. Bee Line is the second brand that produces high quality Hemp Wicks that I have included in my store’s line up. I am more than happy to take my time finding brands I admire particularly if it is the first brand to make hemp wicks! Bee Line Hemp Wick all came about from a desire to find a better alternative to various forms of lighters. Not all lighters are created equal, and many emit toxins that you may accidentally inhale along with your herbal material. Butane in particular can be harmful to humans. Using Hemp Wick is as natural as you can get when applying fire.

TIP: Flavour and finger safety are 2 main reasons many use hemp wicks.


Bee Line Hemp Wick is pretty basic in its makeup and is a mixture of hemp string and beeswax. The organic hemp is top rate, harvested in Eastern Europe. This particular version is rather long and rather thick. 9 feet in length (almost 275cms), all wrapped around a small cardboard case making it easy to slip into any pocket.

TIP: Thick Gauge is 13 strands.

Bee Line prides itself on their superior production methods using only 100% organic beeswax that they process completely naturally. Some brands like to use acid salts during production to create a more pliable product. Bee line does not yet their wicks are still quite bendable allowing you to manoeuvre your flame wherever/however you like.

TIP: Beeswax burns extremely pure and clean with no smoky flame and a pleasantly sweet smell. As it burns at a lower temperature than butane, flavour profiles that would normally be destroyed by high heat are retained.

Hemp Wick has a multitude of functions, a multi-purpose product. An alternative source of flame is just one and the thicker the wick the more resistant to wind the flame will be. An indispensable product that one should never leave home without.


x1 Little pack of Bee Line Thick Gauge Organic Hemp Wick – 9ft


  • Carefully cured with, 100% natural, organic beeswax.
  • Naturally processed
  • 100% natural untreated beeswax
  • Thick Gauge
  • 9ft long
  • Easy to ignite
  • Retains flavour profiles
  • Unbleached, unrefined and chemical free
  • Compact, lightweight and waterproof
  • Easy to store/carry
  • Wind resistant
  • Will attract bees if placed in garden!


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