Boom Vaporizer "Canna Hemp Tips" - OG Flavour

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Each blister pack contains x3 Hemp Carbonised Filter Tips and each pack is flavoured. Flavoured, huh? Within each Filter Tip are x2 silicone beads and within each bead is a burst of (natural) flavour. Pop one bead for a slight burst of flavour or squeeze both for maximum flavour. These filters are made from Hemp and will work effectively to help filter your smoke for a cleaner/smoother experience without interfering with airflow.

These carbonised Filter Tips are made from all-natural ingredients (nothing artificial used) including natural food flavouring, Organic Hemp and Cotton Paper.

TIP: Pop the beads whenever/however you like. Pop them both at the start or halfway between your session. Or pop one at the start and the second during the session.

Measuring: Each filter is 3ms in length.


Not going to tell you how to roll but I will advise that as these tips are on the longer side, I would factor that in when scattering my herbal material within the rolling paper, ensuring that I leave adequate space. These filter tips are also a great option for those that like to roll on the slimmer slide.


  • X1 Blister pack with x3 Hemp Flavor Tips - OG Flavour


  • 3 Filter Tips per pack
  • 2 Flavour Beads per filter
  • All Natural
  • Carbon filter
  • Natural food flavouring
  • Natural Hemp and Cotton Paper

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