Cookies V 14" Straight Tube Glass Water Pipe Kit - Black Glass

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Cookies as a 420 lifestyle brand has been around for a while now with quite the cult following. Berner, Co-Founder and CEO of Cookies is highly prolific in the marijuana game. A successful rapper that branched out to create one of the most lusted after brands on the market.

Vibes rolling papers also fall under Berner's umbrella of beloved products. I guess it was time to include glassware in the line up! A new line of super-premium glass products - Cookies Glass, all made with the same attention to detail and high quality material that Cookies is known for. Unique pieces built to provide a smooth and comfortable experience. Each is a work of art, definitely one for the collectors.


The Flame, the Original and the V are the available options (currently) in Cookies new line up of glass, both in the beaker and straight styles. This is the V Straight Style Water Pipe in black glass. Frosted durable borosilicate glass has been used throughout, with Cookies Hemp artwork all along the piece. It really is gorgeous. This is a kit that come packaged in a Collectors Box. The following are included in the box;

  • Cookies V Straight Water Pipe - Straight up and down body with a thick pedestal base for stability. The very wide black base is matte whilst the black body has a slight shine due to the logo and hemp leaves. 35.6cms (14") tall with a very thickened and flattened ergonomic mouthpiece. Partway up the neck there is a barrel-shaped Bite ice catcher allowing you to separate chunks of frozen water from the water chamber below effectively cooling down smoke.
  • Matching Black Glass Diffusion Down Stem - Artwork all over with a multitude of diffusion slits upon the base. This style of diffusion will truly break up your smoke into a whole lot of mini bubbles. This will lead to deeper filtration. This down stem is frosted and inserts into a 19mm port.
  • Black Glass Flower Bowl - Matte black with artwork all over. A 14mm male, frosted flower bowl with a extended bump for a handle. A deep bowl.
  • 2-Piece Hemp Grinder - A matching biodegradable grinder. A simple design with no storage zones. This grinder is blue, the standard colour that Cookies likes to use across their brand.

TIP: Cookies is a much copied brand, beware of copies! This water pipe comes with a special tag that you can scan to check for authenticity.


  • x1 Cookies V 14" Straight Tube Glass Water Pipe
  • x1 Cookies Down Stem
  • x1 Cookies Flower Bowl - 14mm male
  • x1 2-Piece Cookies Hemp Grinder
  • x1 Cookies Storage Box


  • Official Cookies product
  • 14 inches tall
  • Straight tube water pipe
  • Frosted glass w/ Cookies hemp pattern
  • Custom Bite ice catcher
  • Cookies logo
  • Durable borosilicate glass
  • Matching biodegradable 2-piece grinder
  • Includes removable downstem diffuser & 14mm male herb slide
  • Individual packaging

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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