Dabtized Munchiez Bagz 7" LED Glass Water Pipe - Stoner Edibles

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Dabtized produces some of the most adorable lines of water/hand pipes that I have come across is a while. They tend to use food/beverages and nostalgia as inspiration for crafting their water pipes. Ice cream cones, soft drink bottles, kegs, champagne bottles, condiments and old school arcade games are but some examples. Each colourful glass piece incorporates whimsy along with functionality to provide a unique experience. 


My first thought at first sight was of a box of popcorn like at Hotyz Cinemas. Makes sense given the name of the water pipe.  Borosilicate glass has been used in construction and there is artwork applies over most of the body (stripes and candy). You can look within via the clear base or at the 4 edges on the sides of the box. At the very top the artwork becomes 3D, with candy piled on top. A riot of colour.

Measuring: 13cms tall to top of box. Almost 19cms tall to top of mouthpiece straw. 

LED? An interesting feature allowing you to light up the glass from beneath. Small batteries (like in a watch) are provided and you can use them or not. 

A fixed down stem, standing upright in the banger hanger style of stem. This form of stem can act as a form of ash catcher helping to keep the water chamber cleaner for longer. A simple down stem with minimal diffusion. The water chamber is rather roomy due to the shape of the body enabling you to customise your water levels. The removable 14mm flower bowl/slide is funnel in shape, a frosted port, large capacity and it has a handle for safety. Lastly, the mouthpiece is a simple glass straw protruding out from the pile of candy at the very top. This straw is fixed in place. 


  • x1 Dabtized Munchiez Bagz 7" LED Glass Water Pipe - Stoner Edibles
  • x4 Small Button Batteries


  • 7.5 inches tall
  • Borosilicate glass water pipe
  • Munchiez bag design
  • Candy filled design
  • Built-in LED light (batteries included)
  • Fixed down stem
  • Colourful packaging
  • Includes 14mm male herb slide w/ handle

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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