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So, you own a DynaVap Herbal Vaporiser? Lucky you! Now you just need to keep it pristine and in tip top condition. A well-maintained/cleaned herbal vaporiser is really the only way to keep enjoying using it. I currently offer 2 DynaVap Kits specifically for maintenance/upkeep – the maintenance kit or the basic kit. Both kits contain products to clean your vape as well as spare parts that may need to be replaced over time.
The Basic Kit contains a little more than the maintenance kit with replacement screens, 2 classic storage tubes and a fat mouthpiece included.


This kit contains all that you need to keep your DynaVap performing optimally with the following included;

  • Cotton Pipe Cleaner (hard bristle 5 pack)

These are indispensable and so very handy. I actually recommend pipe cleaners quite regularly (almost daily) to the majority of my customers. There isn’t much that these bendy hard bristles can’t clean.

  • Condenser O-Rings (3 pack)

The DynaVap is held together via O-rings (they generally sit upon the condenser) and over time you may notice the original o-rings that came with your DynaVap may need to be replaced. These rings allow you to easily take your vape apart/reassemble for cleaning.

  • High Temp O-Rings (5 pack)

As the name implies these O-rings are designed to be placed in areas of high heat and come standard on all Stainless Steel Tips (M), Titanium Tips and the OmniVap Condenser and Mouthpiece Assemblies. Just as with the above O-rings these are spare parts that you may want to replace over time.
TIP: A common issue with O-rings is bunching in certain areas when reassembling your DynaVap. This is easily dealt with by applying a small amount of DynaWax onto the o-rings before assembly (wipe off excess first though).

  • DynaWax

A small tub of high quality wax to lubricate your o-rings and/or your DynaStash wooden box (a great wood conditioner).

  • Stainless Steel CCD (3 pack)

3 replacement screens for when you need to swap over your screen. A precision engineered component that sits at the base of the tip and allows for filtration of fine particles without restricting airflow. You may use these in either the Stainless Steel or the Titanium Tip.

  • Fat Mouthpiece

This is technically an adapter piece that enable you to create a seal for 14mm female Water Pipe Adapters, thereby allowing you to vape via water. Designed to fit all VapCaps. Not sure why but this mouthpiece does not fit within the supplied storage tubes!

  • Classic Storage Tubes

2 classic tubes are provided. DynaVaps of late used to come packaged within a heat safe storage tube (green generally). When the 2020 M arrived I noticed that they have changed up their packaging with DynaVaps now being supplied within a cardboard case. A shame I think as the storage tubes allowing for easy travel particularly when the device is hot.


  • X1 DynaWax
  • X3 High Temp O-Rings
  • X5 O-Rings
  • X5 Hard Bristle Pipe Cleaners
  • X3 Stainless Steel CCD
  • X1 Fat Mouthpiece
  • X2 Classic Storage Tubes

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