Australian Hand Made Empirical Glass Full Size Bubbler

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Almost all the glassware upon my shelves is imported out of the USA or parts of Europe/UK and sadly there aren't many Australian made brands that I currently stock. I am constantly on the look out and hope to stock more and more in the future. Empirical Glass is basically run by one very talented artist from WA. His name is Callum and we met when he came to visit my store after the Hemp/Cannabis Expo where he was exhibiting his old school glass blowing techniques. We hit it off straight away and the rest is history. I wish him all the best and would stock his glass pieces regardless of meeting him as I admire his work greatly. 


This is quite a unique piece, an elegant bubbler with a twist. Bubblers tend to have their flower bowl directly at the very top of the piece as opposed to extending out from the water chamber zone lower down. The highest quality German Borosilicate Glass has been used and you can tell the difference. Clear glass has been used through out. This is a taller than usual bubbler.

Measuring: Almost 28cms tall!!

Tube style (44mm tubing) with a flared out base allowing you to add a little more water. The down stem is fixed (as in most bubblers) extending vertically down from the flower bowl. This is a slitted and gridded percolator down stem, a feature that will provide high levels of diffusion to help clean and smooth out your experience. 

The mouthpiece (and the full size) are the twists. This mouthpiece is massive, jutting out from the side, near the top. It is really thick and extends upwards quite some distance with a slight bend. This is a well designed mouthpiece that will provide comfort and will drastically diminish chances of splash back. The end of the mouthpiece is widened and slightly curved. Lastly, a 18mm male flower bowl/ slide is provided. There is an in-built screen, officially providing 4 holes within the bowl and a frosted port. There is a handle too. 

I cant overstate the beautiful minimalism of this beaker, I have placed in on a shelf near the window in-store as the glass reflects light in quite a dazzling way. 


  • x1 Full Size Bubbler
  • x1 18mm Male 4 Hole Slide/Bowl with handle


  • Hand made in Australian
  • Hand made by master glass blower
  • Highest quality German Glass
  • Full Size Bubbler
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • 44mm tubing
  • 32mm neck
  • Flared base
  • Very wide mouthpiece
  • Durable
  • Highest Quality German glass
  • Clear glass
  • Slitted and Gridded Percolator for Epic Diffusion
  • Bent extended mouthpiece
  • 18mm 4 hole slide provided
  • Anti splash back provided
  • Reinforced mouthpiece
  • 28cms tall

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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