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Flower Mill USA makes grinders and only grinders. A small, but impressive range for now. I didn’t need to do much testing before I knew that for sure I would stock them. Really well made and quite solid in the hand. Each part just screams quality. Low effort, high-capacity milling all in one compact body. A unique style of grinder with no teeth or blades and their patent is pending. There are 2 styles of mills on offer: a premium edition and a standard one. Additional screens and a ring accessory are also available enabling you to customise.


When you purchase the Premium Mill there will already be a course screen installed but maybe you are super pedantic about your grind styles (no judgement, I am the same!) or maybe you just like different consistencies depending on how you consume (vape, glassware etc). Either way the expansion pack will enable you to change it up with the following screens provided:

  • Fine screen
  • Super Fine Screen
  • Ultra Fine Screen
  • Extra Stainless Centre Rod and Screw

These screens are of the same high quality as the rest of the mill and are made from food-grade (304) Stainless Steel. You can easily swap each out as needed (unscrew the stainless sleeve) and each are a cinch to clean.


X1 Flower Mill Premium Expansion Pack


  • Food Grade (304) Stainless Steel
  • 3 screens provided
  • Various sizing
  • Effortless grinding
  • Easy to swap out
  • Easy cleaning
  • Extra fluffy herb

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