Fujima Exquisite Crystal Cut Glass 6.9" Retro Round Ashtray - Amber

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Fujima, a brand out of the US that specialises in premium smoking accessories. Practical products that address many needs including storage and ashtrays. Eclectic is my aim for the product range included at We are Lux and these Crystal ashtrays from Fujima fit that bill. A little bit vintage a little bit cool.


Crystal glass? A form of glass that contains strengthening minerals to provide durability whilst also being quite malleable. This means that intricate patterns can be added to craft art worthy pieces of glass. Crystal is also known to refract light quite beautifully. Many wine glasses are made from crystal as well as high end ashtrays. This is one such ashtray, just not at an exorbitant price.

Measuring: Just under 18cms from one side of the circle to the other.

The amber coloured glass gives it a retro vibe.There are 2 Fujima ashtrays upon my shelves (currently) each a little different to the other. This one is the more subtle of the 2, a little less gangster movie set and a little more minimalistic in its vibe. This ashtray is round and textured all over. Small raised notches line up one next to the other, row after row across the entire base. Meanwhile the inner surface is completely smooth. There are 3 rests built in, evenly spaced around the perimeter. Deeper rests than usual.

TIP: The tough glass, large size and deep rests make this a great option for storing dab tools.


x1 Fujima Exquisite Round Cut Glass 6.9" Retro Ashtray - Amber


  • Crystal glass
  • Durable
  • Intricate yet minimalistic design
  • 3 rests
  • Amber glass
  • 6.9"

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