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Giddy is an of shoot of Ugly House, offering the same style of rolling trays under both names. And yes, I sell both! Very brave to use the word ugly in your brand name (in my opinion) and I would love to know the back story. Ugly House offers high quality accessories for your herbal needs such as grinders, trays, dab tools and stash jars. Everything they make is incredibly cute, colourful and highly functional.


Rolling trays play an integral role in ones smoking/vaping ritual. I used to use a magazine (Vogue!) back in the day but there came a day when I wanted to step it up. Rolling trays offer you the ability to keep your wares organised and clean whilst your store them all together. A rolling tray will also offer you a flat surface with raise edges for the purpose of rolling, would be weird if they didn't! I sell all manner/varieties/price points of trays in the hopes of covering as many bases as I can. I specifically chose this tray for 2 reasons; price point and innovative design.

This tray comes in 2 parts; the metal tray itself as well as the magnetic lid. The lid is rigid yet bendable with almost a matte vinyl finish. The entire lid is magnetised and once in place it closes off the entire tray. Would I say that it is odour proof? Not completely but the lid will help trap the majority of odour within the tray if placed appropriately. As for size, I would say this tray falls into the  medium category, shaped like a rectangle with raised walls that curve to form a flat rim for the lid to rest upon.

Measuring: 10.6" (27cms) x 6.3" (16cms)


Look inside and you will find some gifts that Giddy has included. How sweet of them!

  • A reusable clear tube filled with x3 Pre-rolled King Size Hemp Cones + packing tool
  • A pack of 1¼" Unbleached Hemp Papers (32 leaves)


  • x1 Giddy Rolling Tray (Sativa design)
  • x1 Magnetic Lid
  • x1 1¼" Unbleached Hemp Rolling Papers
  • x3 Pre-Rolled Cones


  • Size: 10.6" x 6.3"
  • Easy to Clean
  • Curved Edges and High Sides
  • Strong Magnetic Lid
  • 1¼" Unbleached Hemp Papers
  • Sativa design

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