Glass Carb Cap for Spinner Beads - (No Beads Included)

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Dabbing is growing in popularity in Australia with more and more customers coming in to discuss their options. Safety and less wastage are the most common topics I encounter. I try to cover both when stocking my shelves, offering more and more options as time moves on. At the same time I try to introduce new and exciting innovation, helping in my own way to elevate the discourse within this country.


A carb cap is an indispensable accessory for dabbing. Whether you are using a glass dab rig or an electronic one, you will require an appropriate carb cap. It has one role, to direct and close off airflow to create a superior experience. They are placed right on top of a banger (or heating chamber) once the material has been lit. The range and style of carb caps is immense with some providing directional airflow and other just closing off the banger. I tend to stick to directional airflow carb caps as I find the experience to be smoother with the extra air added. Directional carbs allow air to pass all the way through their body then it shoots out directly into the banger. This bubble carb cap is long with a channel running through the middle for air to pass through. 

Measuring: 5cms from top to bottom.

There is a round bulbous portion partway down the tube, this portion covers your banger so that air will only enter via the channel. This particular carb cap has actually been designed to be paired with small spinner beads if desired (not provided). But you do not need to use terp spinner beads at all with this carb cap. At the base is the air out take but with a twist. The opening is on the side of the tube as opposed to the bottom. This feature is linked to the spinner beads and will facilitate greater movement due to the angle. Air is pushed out sideways instead of straight down. More flavour and improved heat retention is a feature of using a carb cap with spinner beads.

TIP: This carb cap may not work optimally in deep bucket-style bangers as the bottom end of this carb cap is not very long. It should fit most 14/15mm bangers.


x1 Glass Bubble Directional Airflow Carb Cap for Spinner Beads


  • Bubble carb cap
  • Glass
  • Directional airflow
  • Fits most 14/15mm bangers
  • Increases flavour
  • Beads not included
  • Use with Spinner beads for best results
  • Can be used without beads too

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