Goat AITH v.1 Herb Grinder - 2.2"

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Color: Blue

Goat Grinder makes only one product - the Goat Grinder V1 plus associated accessories. 6 years in development before it finally hit the market in 2021, so a baby in the industry then! Their premise was to create a very unique grinder, unlike others that I currently sell. A grinder that comes apart completely and that uses a mason jar in its design. Never jamming or any sticking together is their claim, a rather large claim indeed but I believe them after playing with this grinder!


Everything about this grinder is a little different so I will break it down part by part. 6 parts to the actual grinder plus a brush. The non glass portions are made from 6063 aluminium, hard anodized and is aircraft/aerospace grade. Top quality materials designed to last a lifetime. I will start at the bottom with each piece slotting directly into the one below.

  • Protective silicone band/sleeve - Thick and grippy silicone to protect the glass as well as any herbal material that may reside within by removing light. This ribbed sleeve is removable.
  • Glass mason jar  - A 4oz glass mason jar, 5.5cms tall. Your herbal material does not end up in the actual jar but within a basket/sifter leaving a small gap at the base to capture kief. A standard mason jar has been used enabling you to purchase more jars for extra storage.
  • m40 Sifter - A little basket made from stainless steel wire mesh with a measurement of m40. Designed for exceptional pollen sifting performance in a manual grinder  Food grade and BPA free. You can easily remove this sifter is you so choose.
  • Bottom Grinding Plate - A myriad of diamond shaped (a weird diamond) teeth along with oval shaped openings. This plate sits right upon the sifter with a built-in ledge. Expect a fluffy grind. There is a gasket included on the bottom and the top grinder plates to decrease friction for a smooth ride.
  • Top Grinding Plate - More weird diamond teeth upon this plate. The shape of this top piece is rather unique and it has been formed into a sort of handle. Not sure if handle is the right word but unlike most other grinders the top is not totally round. In this case there are raised and angled walls forming an accessory space at the very top. There is a notch on each wall where your fingers can rest offering effortless movement to grind. As for the storage space above? Quite deep and roomy.
  • Pressure Band - A full metal band that slips over the entire grinder to keep everything in place, it threads snugly. This single aluminium thread on glass contact design ensures that the chamber stays unstuck. Use this to create an airtight zone within or when you are traveling.

If you are looking to procure more mason jars Goat Grinders recommends that you either purchase their standard 4oz jars or any other brands regular mouth mason jars 8oz and up. This is a really smooth and easy to use grinder. I really like it!


  • x1 Top Grinder
  • x1 Bottom Grinder
  • x1 Pressure band
  • x1 m40 Sifter basket
  • x1 4oz mason jar
  • x1 silicone shade/sleeve
  • x1 Brush
  • x2 Stickers


  • 6063 aluminum, hard anodized, aircraft and aerospace grade
  • Durable and eco-friendly
  • Top Grinder: Handle ergonomic nonslip design
  • Top Grinder: Accessory slot
  • Top Grinder: Off-center center post, less herb stuck in the center
  • Bottom Grinder: Sifter holder rim
  • Top & Bottom Grinder Gaskets: Decrease friction for smooth operation
  • Pressure Band: Single thick aluminum thread on glass contact ensures chamber stays unstuck
  • Mesh 40 Sifter basket
  • 304 stainless steel woven wire mesh
  • BPA-Free
  • Silicone shade/band
  • Blocks light
  • 4oz mason jar
  • Pollen brush - synthetic bristle

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