Gypsy Labs Siphonair Gravity Water Pipe

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Gypsy Labs, an American brand that specialises in high quality, hand-blown glass water pipes. Scientific grade Borosilicate Glass is used for high strength and each of their water pipes (they only make 3 types as of now) are as unique as you can get in the oversaturated water pipe market. Their entire premise revolves around Fluid Dynamics (patent pending), which is just a fancy way of saying that they manufacture gravity assisted devices. Each of their 3 pieces uses gravity in their own way by either flipping, tilting or tipping.


Some of my customers tell me stories about the "gravity" water pipes that they crafted once upon a time. Think bucket bong and you are on the right track! For this any other reasons I decided to stock a variety of "gravity" water pipes, just a little more sophisticated in their design.

The Siphonair is the World's first hanging gravity water pipe as it suspend from a specially designed stainless steel swing stand. Designed to resemble 2 identical droplets with a crossed over tube linking one to the other. This linkage is crucial as it provides the functionality of this water pipe. Full borosilicate glass has been used to provide durability and strength but please be careful with this custom piece. 

The premise is quite simple. One droplet holds your flower bowl and is almost full of water to start. Angle this droplet upwards when you are ready to light the bowl. Keep it in this position and the water will start to move out into the other droplet. Once a good amount of water has moved across (at least half) you are ready to inhale. Lift up the flower bowl whilst angling the droplet back down. Smoke will be released ready for you to sip it in. There is no need for your lips to touch anything as the smoke pours out under the force of gravity. 

300ml capacity per droplet.

Measuring: Almost 25cms tall when hanging on stand.


  • x1 Gypsy Labs Siphonair Gravity Water Pipe/Bong
  • x1 Solid stainless steel stand
  • x1 Glass short stem
  • x1 Clear silicone toppers


  • Authentic Gypsy Labs Product
  • Gravity effect water pipe
  • Full Borosilicate Glass
  • Looping siphon
  • Stainless Steel stand
  • Sip on smoke
  • Lipless technology
  • 300ml per chamber

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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