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Color: Black

I am well known for my extensive researching, and I take pride in finding new brands/products, but I cannot take credit for this find. A valued customer of mine reached out to me via Instagram to introduce the Hamilton Devices brand (thanks Josh!) and it was love at first sight! I owe him big time.

Hamilton Devices are experts in all things CCELL. They are internationally recognised for their superior CCELL (Ceramic Heating) Technology Cartridges as well as their incredibly innovative oil and/or wax vaporisers. Oh, and just to mix it up they make one of the most innovative dry herb pipes I have ever seen.


This is a mini version of the very popular full-sized Daypipe with some modifications. This hand pipe is unique, offering you 4 individual bowls to load within one pipe. This enables you to pre-load for travel or maybe you are just lazy! This is a super slick device shaped like a thin marker pen with a body made from aluminium. A tough pipe that will be hard to break.

TIP: Each of the 4 bowls can hold up to 0.25g of herbal material each. 1g per pipe if all 4 are full. 

The entire body comes apart enabling you to access the interior easily. There is an inner mesh tube (removable) that once in place acts as a screen, separating each chamber from the next.  

Measuring: 9cms tall and just over 1.5cms in diameter. Will fit easily in a pocket. 


Its actually quite basic and you will master it in no time. No need to disassemble when loading (but you can), twist the top dial/mouthpiece potion to either expose or close off a bowl. Twist to expose and load up, another twist to close then just one more to load a second bowl. If you choose to do all 4 you will then need to pull up the dial before repeating the twists. 

When disassembling (unscrew the base) to clean dont forget to unscrew the mesh divider for a deeper clean. 


  • x1 Hamilton Devices MINI Daypipe
  • x1 Bristled brush


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Easy to use hand pipe
  • Mini version
  • Light And Inhale
  • 4 bowls within
  • Pack all 4 at once
  • Capacity: x4 – 0.25g bowls
  • Size: 9cms tall

Tips directly from Hamilton Devices.........
MAINTENANCE TIPS: General cleaning maintenance will keep the device at its optimal performance.
RECOMMENDED CLEANING: Depending on usage, clean as needed by soaking / submerging in rubbing alcohol for a couple of minutes, then use the included brush to scrub out any residual resin build up.

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