Hemper Iso-Plex Iso Cleaning Station

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Colour: Black

Hemper Tech is all about one thing – creating (and collaborating) products you didn’t know you needed. The in-house development team is constantly innovating, designing and developing unique products to enhance your smoking/vaping experience. Hemper is best known for their monthly subscription boxes providing all manner of accessories and glassware to their loyal customers.


My customers that enjoy partaking in herbal extracts/dab/concentrates/wax will attest to the benefits (and safety) of a well organised dab station. A place to safely hold all your hot tools along with cleaning supplies. Hemper agrees and have come out with this modular dab station. The entire body is made from heat resistant and non-stick medical grade silicone along with glass portions. Thick and durable silicone has been used and the quality feels and looks top notch. It kind of looks like a small table with a flared out pedestal base and a flat top. The top of the Iso Plex is fully equipped with slots and larger storage area. I will break down each part individually;

  • Glass Isopropyl Alcohol Reservoir - Smack bang in the middle sits a removable glass jar with an enclosed central tube. This jar is designed to hold both your Isopropyl Alcohol as well as your cotton buds/swabs. The middle tube is for the iso, keeping it enclosed and separate from the swabs.
  • Glass stopper - Basically a lid for the above reservoir, specifically for the inner tube to keep your isopropyl accessible whilst preventing evaporation.
  • Lidded waste containers - there are 2 and both are located on either side of the top. The lids are removable and there is a small opening on each one. Keep them in place to hide your mess or remove them to create a larger storage zone.
  • Iso Pouring Funnel - A nice little surprise hidden in the base. A silicone funnel that will allow for quick and easy isopropyl reservoir refills. Or you could use it in any situation that requires a funnel.

There are various openings designed to hold bangers, bowls, carb caps and any other tools. You can also use it as a phone stand! Basically an all-in-one solution to keep you clutter free.

Please note: No accessories are provided.


x1 Hemper Iso-Plex Isopropyl Cleaning Station


  • Heat-resistant, non-stick medical grade silicone
  • Covered waste containers
  • Removable iso funnel for easy refilling
  • Hide your mess
  • Store your bangers, carb caps and hot tools
  • Functional phone stand

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