Hemptique Bees Waxed Hemp Cord (Hemp Wick) Booklet - 1mm/2m

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Hemptique has been making Premium Hemp Products since 1997 with a goal of providing “premier quality, vibrant and useful hemp products to consumers”. Sustainability is also heavily factored in. They have a strong belief in the superiority of hemp to many other fibres and employ a mill to market process which allows for a high level of customisation on their part. Eco friendly designs along with their research and development ideals make Hemptique a brand to admire. As they say “Hemptique designs the finest quality Eco-Chic beeswax hemp wick”


Hemp Wick is generally used in place of a lighter. Why would I bother, you ask? Same question that I had until I researched further and now it makes total sense. Hemp wick is just a length of twine made from hemp that has been coated in beeswax. A little rope basically. The theory behind its use goes as such; Hemp Wicks are considered to be a cleaner option that other sources of flame. Lighters filled with butane may cause you to inhale hot butane gas whilst a match contains a mixture of glue and wood. These substances can adulterate the flavour and can harm you.

Hemp Wicks also burn at lower temperatures that other lighters, giving you more control. Terpenes tend to get destroyed at higher temperatures so using a Hemp Wick will allow you to fully appreciate the flavour (and benefits) of your herbal material. But please remember that Hemp Wick can light anything and is used extensively in many industries.

TIP: Hemp Wick comes in a variety of thicknesses. The thicker the slower the flame will burn. 1mm is a standard size.


For all my purists out there, who value flavour above all else. Or may be for the medicinal value you like to experience the largest range of terpenes possible. Either way Hemp Wick will increase your experience. There may be a slight learning curve for you to master but once mastered you may find this product to be quite indispensable.

TIP: A very steady flame is provided with Hemp Wick along with an aroma of Beeswax.

A tiny little pack (I wanted easy transportability) that is no larger than a 20-cent coin (is square though). Inside there is approximately 2 metres of organic hemp twine with a thickness of 1mm. The entire length has been coated in organic Beeswax. This coating provides an ultra-slow burn. This wick is very strong and water resistant, so feel free to use it out in the elements!

Caution: Keep track of where the flame is as you don’t want to forget and burn your fingers!


X1 Hemptique Booklet of Organic Hemp Wick – 2m long and 1mm thick


  • Finest quality Eco-Chic Beeswax Hemp Wick
  • Ultra-slow burn
  • All organic
  • Small pocket size booklet
  • 2m in length
  • 1mm in thickness
  • Biodegradable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Oil free
  • AZO-free Dye
  • Water resistant
  • Can be used in a multitude of ways

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