Jonathan Adler Hashish Ceramic Candle

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I first came across Jonathan Adler when he started collaborating with Higher Standards to create some lust worthy collectibles including a range of trays and storage devices. Jonathan Adler brings a concept of “luxe-living” to the table, kind of appropriate for my store, no? For those who have not yet heard of this legendary designer get ready to be impressed (his website is one of my favourites!). He began dabbling in pottery at the age of 12, perfecting the art and eventually started selling them through luxury department store Barneys New York. I real could go on and on but will keep it short, since then Jonathan Adler has expanded into a variety of luxury homewares, opening over 17 of his own stores. He has designed hotels, worked with countless celebrities, written books as well as being on countless TV Shows. When I become really rich, I will be ringing him to do my interiors!

TIP: This candle is one of many products coming straight from Jonathan Adler himself, this is not a collaboration but 100% Adler design.


I will start with the obvious and state that there is no hashish of any sort in this candle, sorry if I have disappointed you. The scent is described as scandalous and a tempting taboo, so I guess they use the aroma of Hashish as a starting point and crafted a scent that reflects its illicit nature. An earthy scent, but please don’t forget that this is a Jonathan Adler candle, and he wouldn’t do earthy like anybody else. Described as earthy but couture, a statement that I quite frankly love! I have the candle open (unlit) on my desk as I write this, and I am searching my brain to find the right way to describe it. Earthy is a good word but I would also include the words sweet and layered to describe the fragrance. It really is quite intoxicating and rich smelling, a nice blend of smells that I wouldn’t have thought of blending together but I wish I had.

The scent: black currant, green apple, wormwood, patchouli and moss.

Made from a soy/paraffin blend for a cleaner burn and a stronger scent reach and you can expect these candles to burn for an average of 40 hours (I recommend not lighting for more than 2-3 hours per time). Lastly, of course I must touch on the ceramic container. Smooth white ceramic with raised (intricately designed) marijuana leaves encircling the container with one large leaf upon the lid. This container is designed for reuse after the candle is consumed. Perfect as a stash jar or simply just put dog biscuits in it.

TIP: To remove any leftover wax at the base of the container I usually pour boiling water into my old candles and let the wax rise up to the top as the water cools.

CAUTION: Please never leave any candles unattended or in an area where they can be knocked over. Candle should be placed on a stable heat-safe surface away from any flammable materials/surfaces and not moved whilst lit. Burn within sight and please keep away from children and pets.


x1 Jonathan Adler Hashish Candle is a reusable Ceramic Container


  • Diameter: 9.5cms
  • Height: 8.5cms
  • Ceramic reusable container
  • Cannabis Leaf Design
  • Bougee Perfume
  • Collector’s item
  • 40 hour burn time
  • Earthy yet sweet scent


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