Loud Lock Concentrates/Shatter Storage Envelopes - 50 Pack

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I get asked regularly how to best store one’s concentrates/dabs/wax/shatter and I have searched far and wide to cover as many bases as I can. A myriad of glass and silicone options can be found upon my stores shelves but alas I still felt like I had not sourced a cheap, reliable and environmentally friendly way to store extracted herbal material. These modified, paper miniaturised envelopes now have their own spot in-store on my dabbing accessories shelf.


These innocent looking little white envelopes are as basic as you can get. Basic but very effective when at work. The premise is quite simple, and the most common usage is to separate individual doses (daily, weekly etc) or to separate various extracts to keep track of each. Being paper you can then write on the outside of each envelope (date, herb used, strain etc) and store each easily. The slimness and size of each envelope will allow you easily to slip one (or more) into your wallet.

TIP: Runny. oily extracts that have the consistency of thick oil will not be appropriate for usage with these particular envelopes. A wax like/solid consistency will work best.

When I say envelope don’t imagine a standard letter version, these are rectangle in shape and the flap is on the side. There is a small amount of glue on the flap so you can seal each if needed. I have opted to sell these envelopes in packs of 50 but feel free to contact me for different amounts. If used carefully I believe you can reuse these envelopes.

MEASURING: 9cms x almost 6cms


x50 Individual White Paper Shatter Envelopes - Sealable


  • Paper envelopes
  • For use with herbal waxes/concentrates/shatter
  • Sealable
  • Slimline
  • Writeable

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