Marijuana Medical Handbook by Dale Gieringer Ph.D, Ed Rosenthal and Dr T. Carter M.D.

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The eternal quest for more books continues, will I ever be satisfied? Not till I stock every quality publication on the topic that I possibly can. Books that provide unbiased, science-based information to help my customers. Reputable authors that didn’t appear overnight to jump on the latest bandwagon but have worked their way through an industry that has not been particularly easy to thrive in.

Medicinal Marijuana as a respected medicine is slowly taking hold in Australia with more and more prescriptions written each month. For some of these prescription holders it will be their very first exposure to the wonder herb that is cannabis. Many are frightened in general, are unsure of appropriate usage (+ dosage) and are unaware as to the effects they should expect. The questions I get asked most often revolve around side effects and/or other drug interactions. I am not a doctor and don’t pretend to be one, I advise that these questions are also explored with their physician, especially in regard to potential drug interactions (other medications taken).

TIP: Books should never take the place of talking to a trusted health professional about all aspects of your medication.


A simple no-nonsense educational book. A practical guide to the therapeutic use of marijuana written by experts in the field (more on them soon). This book aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the medicinal value of marijuana including properties, effects, risks and uses. Practical information to help one decide if this herb should be considered for relief. The following are covered in depth:

  • What is marijuana’s effect on the body?
  • What illnesses is it suitable for?
  • How safe is marijuana?
  • What are the real side effects?
  • Legal Consequences (American based)
  • Medicinal uses
  • Adverse effects – real or imagined
  • Growing (not legal in Australia except in Canberra - limited)
  • Preparation and dosage
  • Cooking with marijuana
  • Dealing with drug testing
  • Choosing a variety/strain


This is an impressive book but it is the authors that elevate this book, 3 men from 3 different perspectives but all with one goal in mind.

  • Dale Gieringer, PhD – His PhD (Stanford University) is on the topic of DEA drug regulation. He has written numerous articles touching on various aspects of marijuana use (driving, health mythology, legalisation economics, drug enforcement abuse and many, many more. He is also a prolific researcher with papers on usage, harm reduction, potency testing and more. There is a lot more to say on this man and as one the original co-authors of California’s medical marijuana initiative - Prop 215, he has been an important proponent in legalisation across the United States. He has testified in court and is regularly called upon when issues arise. High Times Magazine agrees with me and named Dale Gieringer “Freedom Fighter” of the year in 2010 for all his efforts. 10 years on and he has stopped since then.
  • Ed Rosenthal - A Californian Horticulturist, author and publisher who has been prolific in the fight to legalise cannabis. Well known for his advocacy he is also considered a master grower (one of the best actually) with his growing techniques so revered that he wrote an advice column for High Times Magazine (The Cannabis Bible) during the 1980’s and 1990’s (yes, he has been in the game for a while now!). To this day Ed Rosenthal is seen as a top-tier grower with skills unmatched my many.
  • Gregory T. Carter M.D. – Clinical Professor at the School of Medicine at the University of Washington and Co-Director of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)/Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Centre. He is well regarded for his work to ease symptoms of severe neuromuscular diseases and a massive proponent in the usage of medicinal marijuana to treat neuromuscular conditions.


X1 Educational book titled Medicinal Marijuana Handbook by Dale Gieringer, Ed Rosenthal and Dr T. Carter M.D.

Note: At We are Lux we do not advocate for the breaking of any Australian laws and this book is for knowledge/entertainment purposes only!

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