Milkyway Glass 15" Bio-Grid Beaker

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Collectable art has always been something I am drawn to, and I tend to favour brands that incorporate art into their design. Milky Way is one such brand with over 10 years of experience in glass making techniques including their signature sandblasting. Highly detailed glassware is their speciality (experts in graphical design) and according to their site their goal is to elicit “feelings” from the user, crafting sensory experiences for like minded folks.
TIP: A heart and a brain are 2 of Milky Way’s signature logos. You will find these somewhere along many of the glass piece they craft.


This Beaker definitely elicited a response when I first unwrapped it. I was instantly impressed with the levels of workmanship and the tactile nature of the body. I instantly checked out the heart and brain logos, both are located on the neck. The heart is in red, and the brain is clear. 

The entire neck is sandblasted in a lattice style. This beaker is part of their Bio-Tech Collection, a series designed to provide a perfect ergonomic grip. The length of the neck along with the lattice sandblasting is how this feature is achieved. This is a large beaker, one of my largest. 15” tall, which is just over 35cms tall with quite some weight to it when I pick it up. The flat base as well as the lower perimeter of the water chamber have also been sandblasted.

TIP: Deep “Carving” sandblasting is their speciality, a unique artform.

The water chamber is massive! Wider then narrowing as you reach the neck. An ice pinch point has been included at the base of the neck. This feature enables you to cool down your smoke via the inclusion of ice chips/chunks inserted into the neck. The ice pinch will keep the ice separate from the water chamber below and your smoke will pass over the chunks of ice before inhalation occurs. At the very top is the wide mouthpiece, very flat very reinforced and super smooth.

Lastly, we need to discuss the down stem. I adore the aesthetics (and feel) of it, red and white sandblasted stripes with 4 slits for diffusion at the very end for percolation effect. This down stem is removable and will hold a 14mm male flower bowl. I quite like the flower bowl too. A smaller capacity bubble bowl (orbit bowl) with a sandblasted ring around the perimeter. This ring says Milky Way and is quite fancy. The port is frosted for an airtight fit.


  • X1 Orbit Flower Bowl – 14mm male
  • X1 Sandblasted glass Down Stem – 19mm joint


  • Compatible with dry herb
  • Size 15” tall (just over 38cms)
  • 100% Borosilicate Glass
  • 9mm thickness
  • Ice restriction
  • Deep “carving” sandblasting
  • 14mm male Orbit bowl
  • Sandblasted down stem – 19mm joint

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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