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Colour: Blue/Green

I am a very big advocate for keeping your smoking/vaping implements as clean as you can possibly get them. I’m a big fan of lungs and endeavour to find as many methods that I can to minimise the damaging effects of smoking/vaping. Keeping your devices hygienic is one way to love your lungs and a filter that effectively blocks tar and other contaminants is another step to consider. I won’t lie, you are still going to impact on your lungs with your smoking habit, but I strongly recommend finding as many methods as you can to possible help lower the levels of damage that accumulate over time.


The Moose Labs Original Mouthpiece and Filters are massive sellers and now the long awaited new and improved Mouthpiece Mini Kit is here. This is not just a small version of the original but a whole new design with slightly different functionality. So, here’s the premise; unlike the original the mini has dual ends that can each function as a mouthpiece with the mini filter sits smack bang between both ends. It is up to you to choose which side you wish to use with one (smaller) side designed to fit standard pre-rolled cones and the other (larger) for blunts or small vaporisers. This is a product for people who like to toke on the go and like something small and discreet.
TIP: 6 Mini Mouthpiece Filter Tips are provided in this kit as well as 2 actual double ended mouthpieces. ONLY the mini filters will fit within.


All the magic resides in the innocuous little triple-layer activated carbon filters. As you inhale your smoke/vapour will pass through the filter before inhalation. Activated carbon has anti-bacterial properties and will work hard to absorb and capture resins, contaminants and tar. The proof can be seen quite easily by watching the filters change colour and darken over usage.
At the same time, you can rest assured that your flavour or airflow will be in no way affected. Each MouthPeace is made from Platinum Cured Silicone (AKA – very high quality) and can be washed between uses (just remove the filter first!).
TIP: Dependent on use obviously, but on average your activated carbon internal (replaceable) filter should last a week before needing to be replaced.


Couldn’t get any easier than this. Pop out the filter and place the MouthPeace in your dishwasher or wash by hand with warm soapy water. Allow to dry thoroughly and then reinsert a filter (old or new).


  • x1 Moose Labs MouthPeace Mini
  • x6 triple-layer activated Mini Carbon Filter


  • Easy to use
  • Double ended
  • Great for pre-rolleds
  • Can attach to smaller vapes
  • Made from Platinum Cured Silicone
  • Triple-layer activated carbon filters
  • Sanitises
  • Captures resins, tar and other contaminants
  • No restriction on airflow
  • No restriction on flavour
  • Eco Friendly – made from biodegradable and recycled materials

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