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My Bud Vase is finally here, a brand I have been chasing for the better part of 2 years. A luxury brand that I am having trouble finding a rival for. Doreen Sullivan is the lady in charge, and she is pretty impressive with an ultimate goal of elevating and normalising the herbal consumption experience! The premise of My Bud Vase is quite simple, to repurpose a variety of high-end glass and ceramic products into lust-worthy and attention-grabbing water pipes. Creating objects of art that start conversations whilst being easy to use. The attention to detail is extraordinary and I would gladly showcase any of their wares. The world is rapidly changing with the prevalence of medicinal marijuana prescriptions on the rise and the time is right to destigmatise the industry with products/accessories that enhance your experience as well as your home décor. My Bud Vase agrees and crafts products that can sit proudly on any shelf as any good art should!


The name of this water pipe was what first caught my eye and My Bud Vase words it perfectly themselves….. “What happens when you have a love affair with weed? Magic. Meet Love Bud, our precious little one born in celebration of our favourite plant.” This water pipe is on the smaller side for those who like a slightly demurer piece. Made completely from thick white porcelain so you cannot see within. The standout feature is the artwork on both sides of the body. One side showcases the male marijuana plant with the female on the opposing side. Hence the name!
Measuring: 13cms tall and 8cms at its widest point.

There isn’t a standard down stem with this water pipe but a flower bowl with an extended tube at its base. A small circular o-ring helps to create an airtight connection when inserted. This bowl is custom made (9mm), removable, small in size and black in colour. There is a relatively roomy water chamber for the size with a short pathway up towards the mouthpiece.

Speaking of mouthpieces, the one on this water pipe is just adorable. Shaped into a love heart to further highlight your love of bud! This mouthpiece is reinforced, and the edges have been smoothed out to create quite an ergonomic design. The detail that My Bud Vase provides just makes me happy!  My Bud Vase provides an interesting poker tool with each purchase, in this case a large Marijuana Leaf (fake) with a long stem to be exact. The purpose is twofold, either as a poker to clean out the bowl between usage or as a decorative piece if you choose to display the piece like a vase.


  • X1 My Bud Vase – Love Bud
  • X1 9mm 3.25” Flower Bowl (male)
  • X1 Marijuana Leaf Poker (fake)


  • Compatible with Dry Herb
  • Size: 5.5"
  • 45 Degree Joint
  • 9mm 3.25" Bubble Bowl
  • Rubber Grommet
  • Fixed Downstem
  • Certificate of Authenticity

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