My Bud Vase Replacement 9mm Black Love Bud Bubble Bowl

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My Bud Vase is finally here, a brand I have been chasing for the better part of 2 years. A luxury brand that I am having trouble finding a rival for. Doreen Sulllivan is the lady in charge, and she is pretty impressive with an ultimate goal of elevating and normalising the herbal consumption experience! The premise of My Bud Vase is quite simple, to repurpose a variety of high-end glass and ceramic products into lust-worthy and attention-grabbing water pipes. Creating objects of art that start conversations whilst being easy to use. The attention to detail is extraordinary and I would gladly showcase any of their wares.


Each individual piece crafted by My Bud Vase has a custom-made bowl to match. Each in a colour and size to suit the design. Each are unique in size and measure in at 9mm. This is not a standard size, and this bowl will not fit most water pipes. The down stem is attached directly to the bowl and is basically a thin tube measuring 6cms from top (of bowl) to bottom (of tube).

I would describe this as a smaller size bowl perfect for solo sessions. Bubble in shape and black in colour. There is no frosting on the insertion point and an airtight seal is created via the small circular o-ring located on the down stem. I recommend taking your time when inserting this flower bowl, taking particular care with the o-ring. I have used the included poker that My Bud Vase provides with their water pipes to gently push the bowl securely into place.

TIP: This bowl can be used with the Love Bud or the Burmese Water Pipe from My Bud Vase.


X1 9mm 3.25” Bubble Flower Bowl (male) - Black


  • Compatible with Dry Herb
  • Custom made for My Love Bud/Burmese Water Pipe
  • Size: 6cms in total length
  • 9mm 3.25" Bubble Bowl
  • Rubber Grommet
  • Fixed Down stem

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