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My Bud Vase is finally here, a brand I was chasing for the better part of 2 years. A luxury brand that I am having trouble finding a rival for. Doreen Sulllivan is the lady in charge, and she is pretty impressive with an ultimate goal of elevating and normalising the herbal consumption experience! The premise of My Bud Vase is quite simple, to repurpose a variety of high-end glass and ceramic products into lust-worthy and attention-grabbing water pipes. Creating objects of art that start conversations whilst being easy to use.
The attention to detail is extraordinary and I would gladly showcase any of their wares. The world is rapidly changing with the prevalence of medicinal marijuana prescriptions on the rise and the time is right to destigmatise the industry with products/accessories that enhance your experience as well as your home décor. My Bud Vase agrees and crafts products that can sit proudly on any shelf as any good art should!


Crafted with the 1920’s, flappers art deco and prohibition in mind, Vamp definitely makes a statement. First things first though. Vamp is a small water pipe. Slender and petite she stands at just over 19cms tall. The body curves at the base and flares out at the very top. Vamp has 2 arms/handles, one on each side of its body. The ceramic body is black (inside and out) with gold marijuana leaves imprinted in an art-deco type style. This is one seriously elegant piece.

Measuring: Almost 19cms tall.

A Vamp Custom Slide (flower bowl) is provided. A 9mm, 3.25" black bubble bowl with attached down stem to be exact. This is a custom piece so please take extra special care when handling. Saying that I try to always have replacements in stock. The bowl inserts into the custom-made slot that is made airtight by a circular O-ring around the outer perimeter. You cannot remove this portion.

TIP: Standard flower bowl will NOT fit within Vamp.

The water chamber within will be on the smaller side and extreme percolation will not occur.  The neck is long helping to deal with any splash back that may occur. As per usual I recommend some practise inhalations (deep) before loading any herbal material to ascertain the appropriate water levels. The flared-out mouthpiece has smooth edges providing a nice landing zone for your lips.

My Bud Vase provides an interesting poker tool with each purchase, in this case a Cloisonne logo poker. A long metal poker with a logo at its top. Cloisonne is an ancient technique (since 16th Century) for decorating metalwork objects with coloured materials (enamelling). These materials are held in place by metal strips/wire normally made of gold. Pretty fancy for a simple poker, right??

Those of you aware of My Bud Vase will know that they always provide a flower/ornament of sorts with each water pipe for decorative purposes. No flower for Vamp but an ostrich feather amulet (fake – no ostriches were harmed!). Black, super soft ostrich feathers attached to a bejewelled bauble. I place this amulet, bauble side down directly within the mouthpiece for added flair when not in usage or you can attach it a key ring/bag. The poker can also be inserted for safe storage.
The lunacy doesn’t end there! My Bud Vase has decided to include a pair of earrings. Yes earrings. A non-matching set, with a pair of rhinestone red lips and an open red lipstick. These are studs and suitable for pierced ears.


  • X1 My Bud Vase – Vamp
  • X1 9mm 3.25” Black Bubble Flower Bowl (male)
  • X1 Ostrich Feather Amulet
  • X1 Cloisonne logo poker
  • X1 Red lips and lipstick rhinestone earring studs


  • Compatible with Dry Herb
  • Size: 7.5" x 2.5” (19cms x 6.5cms)
  • Vamp Custom Slide - 9 mm 3.25" black bubble bowl
  • 9mm 3.25" Bubble Bowl
  • Rubber Grommet
  • Fixed Down stem
  • Metal Poker
  • Ostrich Amulet
  • Red lips and lipstick rhinestone earring studs
  • Certificate of Authenticity

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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