Nami Glass Ripple Line 7" Bubbler

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Nami Glass is a new brand on my shelves. Not many products in their line up with the Ripple Line as their signature glassware. Nami was created to provide passionate connoisseurs modern and contemporary glass accessories by combining a unique aesthetic with thoughtful detail and material, Nami delivers a profound experience. The Ripple Line of glassware has been crafted to resemble soothing waves of the Ocean. Each piece (I currently sell 3) is very tactile with bands of bulging glass along the glass.


This is the Bubbler of The Ripple Line with a Rig and Beaker also on offer. The Bubbler is the smallest of the 3, standing at 7" tall (just under 18cms) and is made from durable borosilicate glass. Bubblers are a unique form of water pipe, almost like a pipe that also uses water. I sell many dry pipes in store but many of my customers require extra comfort for a variety of reasons. Many cough with each inhalation and would rather lower a cooler experience. Water and an increased pathway for smoke to travel will play a role in providing a smoother and less intense an experience. This is where bubblers come in, based upon a pipe design with water chamber below.

A fairly decent sized water chamber that flares out at the base. The Nami logo has been etched along the base. The neck on a bubbler is usually an elongated mouthpiece that juts out from the top of the water chamber. 9cms in total length with a flared out and reinforced mouthpiece. There are no flower bowls provided with this bubbler, a pressed bowl design is pretty standard. Basically the bowl is a deep depression upon the very top of the glass that leads down into the water chamber via a fixed diffusion down stem.

A straight stem with diffusion slits for extra filtration. 4 slits in total. These opening help to break down a large smoke bubble into many smaller bubbles. More bubbles = more filtration and a smoother experience.

Measuring: 7" which is just under 18cms for my fellow Australians.


  • x1 Authentic Nami Glass 7" "Ripple Line" Bubbler


  • Size: 7" Tall
  • 3" Base
  • Made of Thick Sturdy Borosilicate Glass
  • Signature Ripple Inline
  • Diffusion percolation - fixed
  • Pressed bowl - fixed

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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