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Ongrok was first introduced to me via one of my helpful staff members, she was particularly excited when I arrived one morning, and we then spent the day ogling their catalogue. I have since gone a little crazy and pretty much ordered their entire line-up for my shelves and to say I was excited when the boxes arrived is a slight understatement!
Designed in North America (AKA Canada) with what I would describe as a modern minimalistic flair. High quality materials are their go to; natural hardwoods, aircraft-grade aluminium as well as eco-friendly materials. Products that are sleek as well as discrete, a range designed with lifestyle in mind.

As for the name? Comes from the work “Grok”, a term used in Robert Heinlein’s novel – Stranger in a Strange Land. Definition? To understand something deeply, intuitively or by empathy. Which is exactly the philosophy Ongrok stands by!


A little kit that provides quite the array of cleaning tools/implements designed to assist you in cleaning just about anything. Anything small at least. No cleaning fluids/solutions are provided. This kit will provide you with tools you didn't know that you needed. Clean your storage containers, grinders, pipes, vaporisers etc. All the cleaning tools are reusable (some more than others) and they can all be cleaned post usage. The following are included:

  • x88 extra absorbent cotton pipe cleaners are provided. These are quite plush and there is a wire within each allowing you to maneuver them into any shape required. Each soft bristled pipe cleaner is 15.5cms in length. Cleaning solutions can be used with these handy little tools and once you are done clean them for next time.
  • x5 nylon brushes are provided. Each are rust proof and vary in bristle size/thickness. Each brush is about 11cms in total length (metal handle included) and they all come attached on a single key ring. Cleaning solutions can be used with these brushes and they can all be cleaned between uses.
  • x1 Stainless Steel Tamper Tool. This is a packing device. The end is round and flat allowing you to flatten a flower bowl, vape or pre-rolled cone once loaded with herbal material. This Stainless Steel apparatus is actually part of a 3-in-1 setup, with all 3 tools attached together on a swivel. All 3 are made from high quality stainless steel, very durable and resistant to rust corrosion.
  • x1 Reamer/Scraper Tool that can be used to cut, scrape or enlarge an opening. (Stainless Steel)
  • x1 Slimline Poker/Tamper Tool. Use this to clear out/unblock flower bowls or for any intricate packing/loading. (Stainless Steel)


x1 Ongrok Accessories Cleaning Kit with the following included:

  • x88 Extra Absorbent Soft Cotton Pipe Cleaners
  • x5 Nylon Brushes in various sizes
  • x1 Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Tamper/Scraper/Poker Tool Set (attached via swivel)


  • Multi purpose cleaning kit
  • Cotton bristles
  • Stainless Steel Tools
  • Nylon brushes in 5 sizes
  • Rust proof
  • Cleanable

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