Ongrok Air-Tight Silicone Oven and Storage Bags - Large 2 Pack

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Ongrok was first introduced to me via one of my helpful staff members, she was particularly excited when I arrived one morning, and we then spent the day ogling their catalogue. I have since gone a little crazy and pretty much ordered their entire line-up for my shelves and to say I was excited when the boxes arrived is a slight understatement!
Designed in North America (AKA Canada) with what I would describe as a modern minimalistic flair. High quality materials are their go to; natural hardwoods, aircraft-grade aluminium as well as eco-friendly materials. Products that are sleek as well as discrete, a range designed with lifestyle in mind.

As for the name? Comes from the work “Grok”, a term used in Robert Heinlein’s novel – Stranger in a Strange Land. Definition? To understand something deeply, intuitively or by empathy. Which is exactly the philosophy Ongrok stands by!


The rise of medicinal marijuana in Australia has meant that certain accessories have become quite indispensable. Odour control is probably the biggest issue that many of my customers encounter, and I have tried to source many different products to help combat the problem. Appropriate storage is one area I have really focused on as I want to store my own medication in the best way possible.

TIP: A vast amount of my customers are exploring the creation of edibles with their medicinal prescription. The silicone bags are perfect for this reason. Use them to help create and/or storage your edibles.

Ongrok makes a variety of storage bags/cases, and these are their Silicone Oven and Storage Bags. BPA Free Silicone and Food Safe. A little different to the other storage they provide, with a specific purpose. Ongrok calls them an all-in-one solution for a wide variety of products. Storage and/or cooking are the main uses. The silicone is super thick and very durable with a removable slider along the top creating an airtight seal. Once in place these bags will lock odours within. This seal works so well that you can place liquids within without worrying about leakage!

TIP: A major benefit is the ability to continually reuse these bags, making them quite eco-friendly.

In terms of durability and these bags can handle pretty much anything, throw them into the oven (up to 230°C), microwave, boiling water, freezer or the dishwasher and they will maintain their integrity. Easy to clean by turning inside out and placing within the dishwasher or by using warm soapy water. The outside of each bag has graduated measurements (cups/ml/fl. oz) to help you with cooking and to keep track of amounts.

Measuring: 29cms in length and 30cms wide


X2 Ongrok Silicone Oven and Storage Bags - Large


  • BPA Free Food Grade Silicone
  • Very durable
  • Very high quality
  • Airtight
  • Locks odours within
  • Strong slider provided to seal
  • Leakage when slider is in place
  • Eco friendly and resuable
  • Fantastic for cooking
  • Fantastic for storage
  • Graduated measurements
  • Can withstand being boiled or being frozen
  • Very easy to clean
  • Can store flat for small storage areas (tiny freezer)
  • Medium option

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