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Ongrok was first introduced to me via one of my helpful staff members, she was particularly excited when I arrived one morning, and we then spent the day ogling their catalogue. I have since gone a little crazy and pretty much ordered their entire line-up for my shelves and to say I was excited when the boxes arrived is a slight understatement!
Designed in North America (AKA Canada) with what I would describe as a modern minimalistic flair. High quality materials are their go to; natural hardwoods, aircraft-grade aluminium as well as eco-friendly materials. Products that are sleek as well as discrete, a range designed with lifestyle in mind.

As for the name? Comes from the work “Grok”, a term used in Robert Heinlein’s novel – Stranger in a Strange Land. Definition? To understand something deeply, intuitively or by empathy. Which is exactly the philosophy Ongrok stands by!


The humble rolling tray is sadly often overlooked when sourcing new accessories. A travesty! Rolling trays offer a practical solution and once you include one in your ritual, many find it hard to go back. Personally, I used to use an old magazine (Vogue of course!) but there came a point where I decided to step up my game. Good thing that I did as a magazine is not really a “safe” surface for my medication. These trays are completely food-grade making them very “clean” and non-toxic to use.

Bamboo is a very tough wood, like super tough. Panda’s must have quite the digestive function to be able to digest it! A truly sustainable wood too as is grows incredibly fast and requires zero pesticides. Once discarded it can also fully biodegrade. A great option for a rolling tray then. This tray is small and quite thick, a tray designed to sit well upon your lap.

Measuring: 22cms long, 16 wide and 2cm deep.

Rectangle in shape with a raised edge along the perimeter to keep your goods in place upon the tray. One corner has been notched out so you can easily sweep the contents off of the tray whenever needed. The surface is super smooth and flat with the Ongrok Logo in the middle. I would say this is a tray for those that like things a little more on the minimalistic side.


X1 Ongrok Sustainable Bamboo Wood Rolling Tray


  • Made from Sustainable Bamboo Wood
  • Very durable
  • Food Grade
  • Thick but lightweight
  • Raised walls
  • Notched out corner
  • Portable
  • Easy to store
  • Measuring: 22cms long, 16 wide and 2cm deep

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